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Drool Worthy Orchid Flowers that Make a Wonderful Surprise!

There can be many reasons for gifting orchid flowers to your loved ones. Owing to their copious variety characterized with different colors, hues and designs, bouquet of orchids make a perfect present for almost every special occasion. You can express your love and tenderness to someone who is special to you by gifting him/her the most suitable variant from the abundant assortment of colorful orchid flowers( http://www.giftalove.com/flowers/orchids-delivery-online-1160.html ) that come in various patterns.

Be it anyone’s birthday, Mothers day, women’s day or an anniversary, orchids can make anyone mesmerized. Due to their diversified patterns, they never create a droning streak. Besides, every other variant of orchid flowers denote a significant meaning behind it.


If you are living in a busy metro city such as Delhi and you’ve already made up your mind to surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet of unique flowers, you must read about these exciting types of orchids that you can send conveniently by opting for Flower delivery in Delhi:

• Gift a Monkey’s face Orchid to a tiny-tot:

This orchid is found in South Eastern Ecuador and Peru. As its name suggests, it truly resembles the face of an ape. On blooming fully, its scent becomes as citrus as a ripe orange. Monkey’s face orchid is a gift which you can present to a tiny toddler on his birthday. This can really amuse him and can cater to his curiosity. It is important to note that this flower grows during limited span and is restricted to some parts of Eastern Ecuador and Peru. Thus it is advised that you place your order in advance to ensure timely delivery.

• Flying ducks Orchids wishing good luck:

Isn’t it really fascinating? This exceptional kind of orchid flowers resembles a duck in flight. Measuring about 50 cm in length, these small orchids are usually found in Southern and South East Australia. These flowers bloom from autumn to mid-winter have limited lifespan. So, it is ideal to gift them during occasion that generally falls in winter, such as Christmas, New Year or Thanksgiving. If you present a small bouquet of Flying ducks orchid flowers to your loved one, it will effectively convey your good luck wishes to them.

• Orchid with a hidden dove:

If you want to convey deep feeling of love to someone in a covert manner, perfect way to do so is to send a bunch of dove orchids. As the names implies, this snow-white flower gives the view of a small dove-shaped creature in its center. Being a native of Panama, this flower has fragrant and thick petals. This can be a nice gift for Valentine’s Day. These flowers are generally long lasting. So they can be easily delivered across vast regions.

• Gift a lady’s slipper in a bouquet:

Sounds weird? But that’s the beauty of this orchid. This bright toned orchid has pouches looking like a lady’s slipper that trap insects for pollination. An elegant lady’s slipper orchid can make for an ideal gift for Women’s Day.

These are stunning varieties of orchids that can truly make anyone surprise at your selection. If you want to gift these flowers to someone living in a city like Delhi, you can opt for Flower delivery in Delhi by visiting Giftalove. This online gifting portal ensures fast delivery of flowers, gifts and cakes across India and worldwide as well.