5 miraculous gifts for your better half that Will amaze Her

After your marriage your wife automatically becomes your priority. After all your lovable wife deserve to be treated special as she is new in your family, so it’s your duty to make her feel special. On her special day, whether it is her birthday or valentine day, your wife love to be treated beautifully with lots of gifts and infinite of love. Gifts are the best way to express your heartwarming feeling to your wife as she wants to know how you feel about her. It’s a fact about ladies that they want a husband or a guy who is good in expressing their feeling. Boys are little weak in expressing their desire and sentiments to the one they really love. For them gifts play a very important role, as their emotions and feelings are described with the help of gifts. You have to choose your gift for wife wisely as it’s a beautiful way to convey your sweetest message of love to your beloved wife.

Gift for wife

Gifts for Wife

Your dearest and lovable wife deserves the best gift this year. To show your obsession about her, you should treat her wonderfully. If you have done arrange marriage and you are going to propose your wife for the first time then greet her in your life with loads of love, care and amazing gifts. If you have limited money in your pocket and you passionately want to gift some special thing to her. Do not take tension; there are so many online gift portals where you get fabulous gifts at affordable price and from where you can buy attractive Gift online for your loved wife.

Below are some ultimate ideas of gift for wife that make her smile for a while:

 Bouquet with cake: If it’s your wife’s birthday then chocolate cake is the most romantic gift for her. Make your chocolaty love amazing and full of surprises with a beautiful and wonderful bouquet full of red roses. It’s the cutest way to express your gentle and deepest feelings to your adorable wife and make her happy for the whole day.

 Accessories: To gift a combination of beauty with love is the best gift for wife. Accessories are the best available option you have when it comes to impress your adorable wife. Accessories like earrings, neck piece and anklets are few examples which you can give to your beloved better half.

 Make-up kit: If your wife loves to do makeup then it’s the best gift you can present to your wife. If it’s your first date after marriage then gift a make-up kit to her. Your wife will surely appreciate this unique idea of gifting and she definitely feels and looks beautiful for you.

 Handbags: Ladies are more into fashion so gifting your wife a beautiful and fashionable handbag or clutches is not a bad idea. When your wife carries your gifted handbag just feel your happiness. You surely feel extra cheerfulness for that moment.

 Cushions: It’s the most attractive gift anyone can give to her wife on her special day. Cushions are the most used things in a house so gifting this is not at all a bad idea. Cushions should be cute and colorful that adds more colors and love in your love life.

If you are struggling in making your beautiful wife feel special and loved, these ideas will definitely work for you. This time wear your heart on your sleeves and express your inner feeling to your beloved wife. To buy Gift online, visit Giftalove, an online gift portal that avail best quality gift at reasonable price.

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Impressing Your Loved One in an Expressive Way with Amazingly Beautiful Flowers!!

Flowers are always the ultimate present for your loved one. Gifting amazingly beautiful flowers is one of the perfect ways of impressing people around you. Flower being the symbol of love, clearly expresses the pure bond shared between two people. There are different occasion in which flowers are given to the people you love.

Actually occasion and festivals are not mandatory for gifting flowers; it’s a beautiful gift to express your kind love. You can give flowery present to your girlfriend/boyfriend, parents, brother/sister and friends as well. When it comes to your love partner, then gifting flower is the ultimate way to convey your passionate love. When it comes to give your love and respect to your parents, then also flower play a very significant role.


Flower with Chocolates

Despite of this, flowers also rule in decoration. Generally it is seen that flowers are used in almost every decoration. Flower decoration need not be only for occasions but a graceful flower vase on your dining table or study table can even adds more attractiveness to your home. It’s the best way to mend your broken relationship and add sweetness to it. A flower bouquet can do wonders to your relationship. If your beloved resides in Chennai and your relationship is going through hard times, hurry up send flower to Chennai and impress your sweetheart. In ancient times also, flowers were used by king and queen to express their love to each other. There are various types of flowers you can gift to your loved one, some of them are:

A flower basket

Now a day’s flower basket is in big trend. Make a blissful and fantastic love confession with a flower basket full of different color of carnation and roses and thank them for everything they have given you to make your life beautiful and full of passion. Flowers like Lilies, orchids, carnation and sunflowers are always incredible gifting options.

Heart shaped flowers arrangement

Heart shaped flower arrangement is one of the most endearing gift you can give to your lover or to any other relationships including your parents. Heart always shows the love, care and affection toward the one you love. Your loved one want only your love and attention, so by gifting heart-shape flower bouquet you convey your respect and care for the lovely people in your life.

A Flower bouquet

Bunches or you can say bouquet with proper arrangement of different kind of flower like orchids, gerbera daisies and roses are one of the best gifting options. Color combination should always be impressive and unique like red roses look beautiful with white carnations and eye-catching too. If we talk about bunches then yes definitely it’s a good idea to present the flowers with chocolate( www.giftalove.com/flowers/flowers-with-chocolates-1171.html ) for your loved one whom you adore or love. If we take an idea of combination of white and pink lilies then it’s also an option to bank upon for impressing your loved one.

Flowers give the quintessence of love, care and support. One red rose is enough to own up your love to your loved one. But it’s not a bad idea to gift bundle of flower to the people you love. To buy such amazing flowery present, check out Giftalove which is an online gift portal. Make your relationships as beautiful as a flower.

You Must Know these 5 Drool Worthy Ideas on Gift for Girlfriend!

There can be many reasons behind gifting your girlfriend. It can be her birthday, Valentine’s Day or the day you first met each other. You can show kind attention towards your girlfriend by gifting something that conveys your intense passion for her. A personalised gift for your girlfriend can surely make feel happiest one in the world.

gifts-for-girlfriend (2)

It has been noticed that girls are more inquisitive than boys on knowing how much their partners care for them. Thus, finding a gift for Girlfriend can become an intricate issue. Especially if you come across same collection of usual presents, this can become a headache for you. If you are entangled in this problem, you must choose to buy romantic Gift online from the exclusive options given below:

• Blushing bouquet of pink and red roses:

Roses are the perfect token of love and passion. What can be better than a blushing bouquet of pink and red roses to dedicate your love to your sweetheart? This collection of double-dozen red and pink roses clearly elucidates how much love you have for her. However it is advised that upon receiving the delivery of flowers, you must cut their stems, place them in vase of fresh water and regularly feed them with the flower food that comes with the flower bouquet.

• Elegant white bouquet for the divine love:

This can make for a perfect idea on gift for Girlfriend on her birthday, Valentine’s or a normal day. This awesome arrangement of blooms comprises of white roses, Asiatic white lilies and Hypericums beautifully festooned with seasonal foliage. Besides, this arrangement comes in other attractive flower such as white orchids and carnations. Mostly, these flowers are delivered in bud stage and they gradually bloom in two to three days, usually till the time of their arrival.

• A romantic and thrilling card game:

Well, this can actually be an enthusiastic gift for both of you! If you love to spend your evening with an interesting card game, here is the reason for your excitement. This card game involves the players to find perfect matches for all the romantic works of Jane Austen. This game can be played by 3 to 6 players at a time and it usually runs for 20 to 30 minutes. This can be a suitable pastime for your girlfriend and often among her friends, as it has been seen that women mostly like Jane Austen’s literary works.

• Digital mini guitar to soothe her senses:

Is your girlfriend eager to take guitar lessons? Well, this can be the perfect gift for Girlfriend who is a beginner for string instruments. The striking feature of this device is that it’s easily compatible with iPad, iPhone or Mac so that she can learn her guitar lessons through her device. Besides, this it can serve as a perfect pastime for a Girlfriend who is a music lover.

So, these are some awesome ideas on gifts for Girlfriend who often looks for an unusual present. You can easily buy romantic Gift online from Giftalove.com. This online gifting website operates all over India through trusted and convenient payment channels to offer its customers the ease of doing online shopping of gifts as never before.

Drool Worthy Orchid Flowers that Make a Wonderful Surprise!

There can be many reasons for gifting orchid flowers to your loved ones. Owing to their copious variety characterized with different colors, hues and designs, bouquet of orchids make a perfect present for almost every special occasion. You can express your love and tenderness to someone who is special to you by gifting him/her the most suitable variant from the abundant assortment of colorful orchid flowers( http://www.giftalove.com/flowers/orchids-delivery-online-1160.html ) that come in various patterns.

Be it anyone’s birthday, Mothers day, women’s day or an anniversary, orchids can make anyone mesmerized. Due to their diversified patterns, they never create a droning streak. Besides, every other variant of orchid flowers denote a significant meaning behind it.


If you are living in a busy metro city such as Delhi and you’ve already made up your mind to surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet of unique flowers, you must read about these exciting types of orchids that you can send conveniently by opting for Flower delivery in Delhi:

• Gift a Monkey’s face Orchid to a tiny-tot:

This orchid is found in South Eastern Ecuador and Peru. As its name suggests, it truly resembles the face of an ape. On blooming fully, its scent becomes as citrus as a ripe orange. Monkey’s face orchid is a gift which you can present to a tiny toddler on his birthday. This can really amuse him and can cater to his curiosity. It is important to note that this flower grows during limited span and is restricted to some parts of Eastern Ecuador and Peru. Thus it is advised that you place your order in advance to ensure timely delivery.

• Flying ducks Orchids wishing good luck:

Isn’t it really fascinating? This exceptional kind of orchid flowers resembles a duck in flight. Measuring about 50 cm in length, these small orchids are usually found in Southern and South East Australia. These flowers bloom from autumn to mid-winter have limited lifespan. So, it is ideal to gift them during occasion that generally falls in winter, such as Christmas, New Year or Thanksgiving. If you present a small bouquet of Flying ducks orchid flowers to your loved one, it will effectively convey your good luck wishes to them.

• Orchid with a hidden dove:

If you want to convey deep feeling of love to someone in a covert manner, perfect way to do so is to send a bunch of dove orchids. As the names implies, this snow-white flower gives the view of a small dove-shaped creature in its center. Being a native of Panama, this flower has fragrant and thick petals. This can be a nice gift for Valentine’s Day. These flowers are generally long lasting. So they can be easily delivered across vast regions.

• Gift a lady’s slipper in a bouquet:

Sounds weird? But that’s the beauty of this orchid. This bright toned orchid has pouches looking like a lady’s slipper that trap insects for pollination. An elegant lady’s slipper orchid can make for an ideal gift for Women’s Day.

These are stunning varieties of orchids that can truly make anyone surprise at your selection. If you want to gift these flowers to someone living in a city like Delhi, you can opt for Flower delivery in Delhi by visiting Giftalove. This online gifting portal ensures fast delivery of flowers, gifts and cakes across India and worldwide as well.

5+ Trendy Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Mom to Make Her Feel Loved!

Mother’s is the most affectionate and loved person on earth. Her immense love and efforts are incomparable. So this Mother’s Day, let her love be cherished and her efforts be honored. Let her feel loved on this Mother’s Day with a Mother’s Day gift.


The thought of gifting something to mom is the most special feeling as you plan to make the most loving women of your life happy and feel loved. She is your mother who loves you unconditionally like no other can. So she deserves the most special token of love on this Mother’s Day. Now if the thought I becoming a confusing thing for you then all that you need is to go through this Blog that will definitely help you in making this Mother’s Day a special one for your dearest mom.

Here are some wonderful ideas for Mothers Day Gifts for Mom:

Stunning Box Clutch:

She would love to accessorize her looks with a stunning box clutch when she would be going out somewhere out. Gift stunning box clutch to her which can help her carry her little essential in style and would help her look fabulous.

A 3 Layer Necklace:

If you are daughter or son of a woman who loves to be trendy, this is the idea for trendy Day Gifts for Mom. These days 3 Layer necklaces are very much in trend. If your mom loves to wear trendy fashion jewellery then she will love to wear and flaunt this gift as well.

Personalized Coffee Mug:

A gift with a personalized touch is the most special thing to get from loved ones. So on Mother’s Day, a personalized coffee mug printed with a memorable picture of you with your mother, will be the perfect token of love to honor her love, care and support in life. You can make it more special for her by filling the mug with chocolates.

Beautiful Flowers with Yummy Cake:

If you are in a mood of making the day as special as her birthday then on this Mother’s Day you can gift a combo of Beautiful Flowers with Yummy Cake to your dearest mom. In fact you can also buy Flowers with Cake combo online at GiftaLove to impress your dearest mom, who resides far away with online gift delivery in India.

Pack of Kitchen Tools:

You love your mother also because of the tasty food she cooks for you. So, why not to make her cooking experience more easy and convenient o this Mother’s Day? You can do this by gifting a pack of Kitchen Tools to her that can help her in easy cooking. This will be a useful Mother’s Day gift.

Basket of Dry Fruits:

If your mom is the not well frequently then gifting something healthy to her like a basket of dry fruits will be an excellent gift to express your love to her. She will in fact love this gift surprise a lot. You can make a basket of her favorite dry fruits on your own or you can buy a basket of Dry fruits online from any online gift store.

Gifting on Mother’s Day is the act of making her feel loved and special. So this time on Mother’s Day you can buy Mother’s Day gift and make her feel special. One of the leading online gift stores of India that is Giftalove can be the perfect online platform for you to buy gifts for Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day flowers online.

Explore 10 Unique Mothers Day Gifts for Working Mom @ GiftaLove

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to respect and share the special bond of love that you have with your mom. This is a perfect time to pamper your mom with lots of love and special gifts on this Mother’s Day that falls on second Sunday of May every year in India. There are many ways one can celebrate this day and make their Mom feel special. If your Mom is a working you just cannot imagine the hard work that she does for the family. On the top of that, she manages entire household work, sends her kid school, cooks for the family and leaves for her office on time. So, take out some time from your busy life and buy Mothers’ Day Gifts for Working Mom( http://www.giftalove.com/mothers-day/for-working-moms-639.html ) this year and make her feel valued and special.


Mother’s Day Gifts for Working Mom

So, whether your Mom is a working Mom or a homemaker, she deserves the best gifts, care, and love. At many places in India, Mothers’ Day is celebrated just like any other occasions or events. It is a global event that is celebrated in many countries. Everyone should participate in this and celebrate the event in an own way to make the day special for the Mom.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it is the ideal opportunity for you to Buy Mothers Day Gifts that you can give with your card, or maybe you pick the gifts first and will pick the card later. It is totally up to you.

Here is some of the Mothers Day Gifts for Working Mom that you can choose from and present it to your Mom:

1. Flowers and Flower Baskets: Flowers talks a thousand words in a very peaceful way and you do not have to open your mouth at all. They are an ideal method for communicating your sentiments and feelings for your mother on her extraordinary event. Flowers will always remain the most popular Mother’s Day gift. Carnations are the most traditional Mother’s Day flowers yet the decision ought to rely on upon what your mom cherishes. In this way, be it a blended bunch of Lilies, Daffodils, Roses, Tulips or any other flowers, the primary concern is fulfilling your mom. Regardless of whether she is a working mother or a housewife, these lovely gifts are certain to fill her heart with joy. She can take flower or flower baskets to her office and feel fresh throughout the day by the pleasing fragrance of flowers.

2. Chocolates – A container of chocolates is a superb Mother’s Day gifts for working Mom that she can carry it to her office to offer her colleagues and customers or she can take it when she truly needs a stimulating beverage in a busy and overloaded working hours.

3. Customized Business Card: You can delight your working Mom by giving her a customized Business Card that you have designed yourself, keeping in mind to give the card a business look.

4. Stylish and Eco-friendly Bag: This Mother’s Day gift your mom an Eco-friendly and stylish slick bag and express your love to her. She will surely like this amazing gift and would prefer to take it with her while going to her office.

5. Photo Book: Collect all the sweet memories and present in the form of a photo book to your mom. She can keep that on her office desk or table and cherishes each moment of the life. Really!! A great Mothers Day Gifts for Mom.

6. Wrist Watch: There are ample ranges of wrist watch that you can buy for your Mom either from the shop or by online shopping portals. Working Mom will surely like this to the core of the heart. Gift her unique watch of some unique design and make her feel surprised on this Mother’s Day.

7. Customized Magazine Holder: Surprise your Mother with customised Magazine Holder where she can keep lots of her Magazine at one place that is easy for her to pick whenever she wants to read it.

8. Jwellery: Ahh!! An awesome gift must say, Jewellery. Your mother is fond of jewellery then this Mother’s Day gift her some light and skin-friendly jewellery that she can wear it for office.

9. Perfumes: If you’re Mom is fond of using perfumes while going to the office or outdoors, then make her feel refreshed by gifting her favorite perfumes. She will surely like to have such a marvellous gift on this day.

10. Accessories: For working mom, iPod or, an organizer, goggles, and cosmetics are ideal gifts that you can give her and convey your heartily wishes to her.

There are various gift items at GiftaLove that you can buy online and present it to your Mom. Get an amazing collection of Mothers Day Gifts for Mom at an affordable price and surprise your Mom. Let her cherish each moment of this day and make it a memorable one.

Impress your loved one with Adorable Rose Day Gifts


Rose day is coming and couples are getting excited on each passing day of February. After all February is the month of love and romance. Couples are eagerly waiting for this Valentine week. Rose day is the first day of valentine week; a day full of flowers especially roses. On this rose day, pick one flower or a bouquet of flower and express your heart-touching or heartwarming feeling to your loved once.

Rose day is not only for couples, it’s a day when you can give your respect and love towards a person who loves you and whom you love. It’s not compulsory that only red roses should be given to that special person of your life who deserves your beautiful present. You should give yellow or pink roses. Yellow one for your friendship and pink one for your love and romance. As you all know rose day is the first and foremost day of valentine week , so after rose day preparation of valentine day is begin, especially girls are in more hurry to buy adorable and special Valentine Gifts for her man. Always make sure that if you want to impress your lover, you should gift some exceptional and extra-ordinary Rose day gifts to your beloved person. Here are some of the beautiful ideas for rose day gifts:

Break the Monotony of Red Roses:
Why only red roses? You should gift some different colour of roses to your loved once. If you want to gift roses to your lovable wife or husband then it’s good to give red roses to express your love to the one who wants to know your inner passion or desire of love. If you are going to gift red roses to your best friend then it is not at all a good idea. You should gift some amazing yellow roses to show your respectful feeling to your lover. Pink roses are also look cute when it comes to gift to your girl friend or boy friend. So on this rose day forget the trend of red roses and try something more beautiful and unique.

Heart Shape Arrangement of Roses:
Gift something more beautiful and more cherishing present on this rose day. A heart shape arrangement of flowers should be the best and ultimate gift for your loved once. Heart shape bouquet of different colour of roses is the more surprising and loving gift for your love.

A Flower Bouquet filled with Chocolates:
If your partner loves chocolates, then it is the most amazing and delicious gift any one present as the rose day gifts. A flowery present with the chocolatey flavor touch is the best combination. Your partner definitely loves your idea, respect your gift sense ability.

A Bouquet of Rose with Teddy:
Teddies are always loved by girls. To treat your girl with some special gesture is a very good idea to build a strong relationship and bonding. White or pink roses with cute little teddy is everything your girl want on this rose day.

Beautiful Card or Hand-Written Letter with a Rose
Cards and hand-written letter are evergreen gift for lovers. On this rose day gift something special for your beloved partner by gifting him/her a self written love letter with a red rose that make your love feel valuable and special.

On this rose day express your love, passion and romance with the beautiful presents. GiftaLove brings you special red roses or different kind of roses for Rose Day to present your feelings a passionate expression that will fascinated your loved one at that moment. To search bundle of gifts check out Giftalove and make this Rose day special for your partner.