Importance of Sending Flowers as Gift to Welcome on New Year

The beginning of New Year always brings a refreshing start and new life. It is a time when we would like to evaluate our past lives and look forward the necessary changes to improve our life and relationship with our dear and loved one. Also, this is an ideal time to Send New Year Gifts to family, friends, relatives and well-wishers to convey best wishes and welcome new beginning whole heartily. Among different types of gifts, Flowers makes the best choice that is a wonderful way of communicating warm wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.

New year Flower

When someone has decided to send flowers as a gift, choosing the right flower is also very important as it an effective way of expressing care to the dear and loved ones. This can be a difficult task for people at times. To select right type of New Year Flowers, it is important to pay attention to the hidden meanings of flowers that can be given on New Year. Some of the flowers that can be given or send online as New Year Gifts includes:

1. Daffodil

A yellow flower that is symbol of rebirth and new beginnings, thus a perfect New Year Flowers
the flower signifies love, desire, sympathy
brings happiness, joys and new beginnings

symbolizes the beginnings of new friendship and a fresh start

2.Calla Lily
Available in white as well as pink, black, yellow, purple

On one hand, where Pink signifies appreciation and black is for mystery, on another end, yellow calla lily is meant for friendship and purple signifies royalty

Send New Year Gifts the flower of calla lily without giving any second thought as it has a historical significance and is preferred in wedding flower bouquet because of its simplicity.

3. Daises

A flower that is known for its innocence, loyal love and purity
Different colors of flowers found and each has its own meanings and significance and symbolizes new beginning.
Evokes prosperity, joy and happiness

Flowers have a language that silently conveys unspoken words and this helps in expressing and conveying messages to family, friend, colleagues and all the people whom you care for. As New Year is fast-approaching, browse the online gift portal at to Send New Year gifts. It offers a diversified range of gifts at one place that makes it a preferred choice for online shopping. Apart from flowers, you will find a large collection of mouth-watering cakes, chocolates, Dry Fruits, Flower combo and hampers. All those who wish to send online gifts to their dear and loved one to welcome New Year with full zeal and passion and want to make them feel special and valued can choose our best and reliable delivery services to send gifts online to anywhere in India and worldwide.

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Need Christmas Gifts? Has the Answer

So, it’s again time for celebration and Christmas is around the corner. Any festival is incomplete unless there is an exchange of gifts and so is true with this special occasion of the year as well. Many people used to think or have questioned in the mind that why to give or take Christmas Gifts, what is the purpose behind it? This is not a new tradition; it has been in custom since ancient time. What has changed is the way of presenting a gift to the dear one.

Christmas Gifts

Today is the world of technology and in this fast moving life; people hardly have time to join their own family function. Well, this is practically not possible as people keep changing their job, living place that is from one city to another, state or even country. But there is always one thing in great demand among people no matter where they are or what kind of relationships they share with each other and that is the internet. There are many online shops that offer the plethora of Christmas day gifts that you can send across anywhere in the globe.

Many people are settled in one or another country for their own commitment and thus, sending gifts via courier or any other such means costs a lot. Online gift portals are a real boon for them where they can easily Send Gifts to India and vice versa.

Online Christmas Gifts Shopping: A Blessing for Many People

Christmas Gifts when sending online to the dear and near one beautify the festivity making the person feel special and valued. To name a few such gifts, Christmas Flowers, Christmas tree, Coffee Mugs, Cakes, Chocolate, Flower hampers and many other gifts can be purchased online depending upon the individual’s choices. It is very simple, easy and convenient to select gifts from online gifts shops as you will have many gifts at one place and this saves your precious time in searching for the best one. In fact, you can get it delivered right at the doorsteps of the dear and loved one and give surprise on the eve of Christmas.

Online Shopping for Christmas day gifts: A place you can search for best gift for Friends

For a few people, all friends are equal however, there are also people who shares different relationships with each of their friend. Well, in such cases, online gifting portals are really blessing where they can choose the perfect Christmas Gifts based on the types of relationship that is shared with them. You can also personalize Coffee Mugs, Photo Frames, T-shirts, Cushion, Key chain and many other gifts and give it a personal touch. Definitely, the receiver on the other end will feel delighted to the core of the heart after receiving it.

Convey Warm Bests to Family with Stunning Christmas Gifts

Family, a word that automatically gives inner strength and courage to do any work in an easy way, should never be neglected by people no matter how busy you are in your life. Every one of us wants to enjoy the festival with family but sometimes it really becomes impossible to join for the celebration with family members. But there is always a door open to convey best wishes for all special occasion and this time it is online gifts shops that offers many gift options. From Teddy, Chocolates, Dry Fruits to Christmas Flowers, Cakes and Greeting Cards, there are a lot more that you can find at the online store that too at one place. You can also send beautiful Gift combo pack to Lovely gift hampers that suits every member of the family and all of them can enjoy the day and feel special. is one such blessing website for people who wish to Send Gifts to India on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Year, Birthday or any other special occasion of the year. Just browse the online gifts portal, choose the specific gifts mentioned in the different categories and place the order. It will be then delivered to the exact shipping address within the assured time.

Bhai Dooj Sweets – Which Ones to Choose?

India has many festivals that celebrate the wonderful relationship between a brother and a sister. You may have heard about Raksha Bandhan, it is one of the most popular festivals observed in India. This festival showcases the love between a brother and a sister. Bhai Dooj is another festival, very similar to Raksha Bandhan in the way that it brings out the beauty of the bond between siblings.


Bhai Dooj is celebrated on the auspicious second lunar day of Shukla Paksha. The festival is known by different names in different places in India. However, the general theme of this festival is still same and brothers and sisters all over India look forward to this festival with much enthusiasm. Feasts are held in the honour of this festival and siblings exchange gifts as a token of love.

Sweets for Your Brother

You have a lot of options if you plan to gift your sweet brother some delicious sweets. You can go for some good old Moti Choor Laddoos, Kaju Barfis, Gulab Jamuns or Soan Papadis, if you want to stick to traditional sweets. These traditional sweets certainly have a charm to them and if your brother lives abroad, these will surely remind him of home and the many memories you have of fighting over a laddoo. Fruit flavoured sweets are the best so you can give them a try as well.

Cakes and Chocolates

In case you want to add a touch of modernity to your gift, send some cakes and Bhai Dooj chocolates to your brother this year. You get a lot of varieties of cakes and chocolates and chocolates certainly do last for a longer time than other sweets. Add a packet of something Namkeen to make a delectable combo.

You can pair these sweets with a homemade dish that your brother loves and voila! Now you have the perfect gift for your brother this Bhai Dooj. He would definitely appreciate the love and effort you put into the gift.

What to Give Your Brother This Bhai Dooj?

Gifts have been a popular part of this festival. After all, there is no better way to show your affection to your sibling than a handpicked gift wrapped in the covers of love and respect. Here are some ideas to help you out if you are looking for some wonderful Bhai Dooj gifts for 2017.

1. Sweets: You can never go wrong with a gift of sweets. People have been giving each other sweets as gifts since a long time. You can send some Bhai Dooj sweets to your brother this year and make his face light up with happiness.

2. Books and Music CDs: This can sound like a non-traditional gifting choice but if your sibling has a passion for literature and music, this is the right choice for a gift. He would totally love a CD from his favourite singer or a copy of a book from his favourite author.

3. Accessories: Your brother would appreciate a designer watch or sunglasses. You even have the option of gifting him a nice perfume as a gift for Bhai Dooj ( ).

If you are searching for the perfect gift of sweets for your brother, visit GiftaLove. They not only have a wonderful collection of sweets combination but also other types of gifts that are perfect for Bhai Dooj. They provide an exclusive range of gifts with a reliable delivery service.

Try Out Some Innovative Karwa Chauth Puja Thali Decoration

The main component in a Karwa Chauth celebration is the Karwa Chauth Puja Thali. The Puja Thali, also known colloquially as ‘Baya’ contains the roli, vermilion, sacred water, dry fruits like almonds, pishta etc., earthen clay pots, diyas and different types of Indian sweets, in their respective utensils. Special care is taken so that the Puja Thali is tastefully decorated. Rangoli and Alpona are often inscribed on the Thali as a ritualistic decoration.

Karwa Chauth Puja Thali decoration is an attractive art and many people tend to make floral designs with flowers and leaves. On this day, Ma Gaura or Parvati is worshipped by the women who fast during the day. The married women pray for the well-being, safety and the longevity of their husbands.


A Karwa Chauth Puja thali also contains a saree known as the Baya or the Bayana. It is a gift for the mother-in-law which is included in the set. For the lady performing the ritual by fasting, a bridal saree is kept for her.

Karwa Chauth Puja Thali Decoration Ideas

Thali decoration is an art and different women decorate their thalis in different ways. Here are some steps on how to decorate your thali on Karwa Chauth:

● Take a plain thali and draw a ritualistic picture on the thali. Dip some rolled cotton in oil and use it as a diya.

● Take a small utensil and add haldi and sindoor and place them on the thali. These are two of essential items that you would need in a Karwa Chauth Puja Thali.

● Add food items in the thali. A typical thali on this occasion consists of food items like pheni (a sweet made by using milk and semolina), different kinds of sweets, halwa, fresh and dry fruits.

Make Karwa Chauth Special for Your Wife

While the customs make the women follow traditions and rituals for their husbands, you can certainly turn this Karwa Chauth into a memorable one with beautiful Karwa Chauth gifts 2017. Show your appreciation for your wife by making her Karwa Chauth special. Here are some tips on turning this Karwa Chauth into the best one yet.

● Cook for Her: Your wife is the one generally cooking for the family. Surprise her by treating with a special menu cooked by you exclusively for your wife. You can also cook for the entire family and take the pressure off her on the day of the Karwa Chauth when she is fasting.

● Surprise Her with Gifts: You can surprise her with gifts on Karwa Chauth. Gift options range from gift hampers and dry fruit collections to handbags and jewellery. You can also present her a beautiful dress that she would love flaunting. If you want to make it more special, buy multiple gifts for her, and spread it across the house. Send her on a treasure hunt.

● Take the Day Off: She would appreciate this gesture as much as she will appreciate you adorning her with gifts. Spend time with her the whole day and show her that you are beside her even in dire times. Taking the day off and spending it with your wife will also rekindle the romance.

● Fast with Her: This calls for some trouble as most men will find it difficult to go through the day without any food. Keeping the fast will make you realize the efforts she puts in to ensure your good health. Show your support the whole day.

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5 Gift Hamper Ideas Perfect for Bhai Dooj

This year Bhai dooj will be celebrated on 21st October that is 2nd day after Diwali. It’s a day to cherish the bond of relationship between brother and sister. Like Raksha Bandhan, this day is also dedicated to the relationship shared between brothers and sisters. On this occasion, sisters apply Bhai dooj tika on the forehead of their brothers and pray for their healthy and prosperous life. After performing these rituals, both brother and sister present gifts to each other. Giving gifts is an art of expressing love and affection.


With the immense popularity of this traditional festival among Indians particularly in Northern India, many portals starts fascinating their customers with wide varieties of Bhai dooj gifts like Bhai dooj gift hampers, Bhai dooj gift combos and so on. Finding a perfect gift for brothers among numerous options is not an easy task, as you have to choose the best one among all. You can go for Bhai dooj sweets and chocolates, Bhai dooj thali and many more. But, according to me, buying a suitable gift hamper for your brother is one of the sensible gifts he can expect from you. In this blog, you can see the 5 best gift hamper ideas for brother that he will surely love to receive from his dear sister. Kindly go through these ideas:

Amazing Apparel Gift Hampers

Who doesn’t like to wear good and designer clothes? On this Bhai dooj, amaze your brother with a perfect apparel gift hamper that contains shirt, t-shirt, jeans, jacket, and so on. Purchase the hamper according to the receiver choice. Make sure to choose the one that suits the personality of your brother. He will surely love this surprising gift hamper on this special day.

Gift Hampers that are inclusive of Wrist Watches

Boys generally love to wear classy watches on their wrists. If your brother is also one of them who are fond of wearing designer watches, then this lavish gift hamper is something worth getting for him. Choose the best gift hamper in which different reliable brands of watches are available. You should have good budget for this gift hampers, as watch are generally expensive.

Dry Fruits and Sweet Gift Hamper

This is one of the best Bhai dooj gift hampers for all foodie brothers you have. Addition of sweetness and healthiness of these both things can make any hamper worth giving. So, without thinking much, go for this hamper and make your foodie brothers really happy. You can add special flower bouquet to this gift to add more beauty.

Fragrant Gift Hamper

Everyone loves to be surrounded with soothing fragrance. This Bhai dooj, make your beloved brother happy with this amazing and aromatic gift hampers containing different varieties of perfumes and deodorants, scented candles, and aromatic soaps and home spray. Your brother will truly love this thoughtful and unique gift idea of yours. Make sure to choose his favorite brand of perfumes.

Grooming Kit Gift Hamper

Some boys love to keep themselves well groomed. If your brother is one of them, then this grooming kit gift hamper will surely become one of the best Bhai dooj gifts for him. Grooming kit should include all types of beard gels, face wash, face cream, hair oil and shampoo, perfect beard comb and towel. I am sure he will love this gift hamper like anything else.

So, by gifting some of these Bhai dooj gift hampers ( ) to your beloved brother, you can definitely bring smile on his face. Believe me, this is what he always wanted from you. These gift hampers will surely make his whole day cheerful. To get more Bhai dooj gift ideas and to send gifts to India as well as overseas, kindly log on to, one of the renowned online portal for Bhai dooj that offers large variety of online gifts at suitable price. Here, you can also get same day and express delivery services.

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Karwa Chauth Sargi & the Traditional Ritual One Must Know

India is known for various types of festivals and married women are very much interested in celebrating some of the well-known festivals that is totally devoted to the wellness and long life of their husband. Among many Indian festivals, Karwa Chauth is one of the most popular that is a long-awaited one among women all across the country irrespective of caste and religion. Some of you might not be that much aware of Karwa Chauth and Karwa Chauth Sargi.

Karwa Chauth sargi

On this day, women used to keep fast for the healthy and long life of their husbands and the day is signifies the joy and magnificence of being married and traditional rituals are being followed that makes this day as well as festival more special. As a part of customary traditional, women used to put Mehendi on their hands, get ready in beautiful marital attire, wear stunning jewellery and carry on function with Karwa Chauth Sargi.

At this point of time, most of you must be thinking, after all, what is Sargi? Well, this is a traditional meal that is given by mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law fir for the dawn-to dusk fast. Sargi is one of the essences of Karwa Chauth and should be taken or consumed before the sunrise because the fast for the day begins after that and ends once women complete their worshipping the moon at night. Also, the adorable mother-in-law showers her blessing to daughter-in-law with the blessings of peaceful married life.

One of the obvious questions that might be running in mind is “what does Karwa Chauth Sargi ( ) will have that makes it so special on the festival? This includes healthy and delightful foods such as sweets, salty fried snack (mathri), dry fruits such as badaam, kaju and kishmish, Halwa and much more. Foods based on multi-grain or whole wheat keeps an individual fit and healthy all through the day. On this particular day, women start their day by taking sweets that signify that the day will start with positive thoughts and feelings. Soon after this meal, main course meal is served. This is celebrated together by both mother-in-law and daughter-in law together if both are living at the same place.

Have you ever thought of the fact how a mother-in-law can send Karwa Chauth gifts to India and vice versa? Well, there are many online gifting portals that offer an amazing collection of gifts that you can send anywhere across the globe and make the person feel valued.

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5 miraculous gifts for your better half that Will amaze Her

After your marriage your wife automatically becomes your priority. After all your lovable wife deserve to be treated special as she is new in your family, so it’s your duty to make her feel special. On her special day, whether it is her birthday or valentine day, your wife love to be treated beautifully with lots of gifts and infinite of love. Gifts are the best way to express your heartwarming feeling to your wife as she wants to know how you feel about her. It’s a fact about ladies that they want a husband or a guy who is good in expressing their feeling. Boys are little weak in expressing their desire and sentiments to the one they really love. For them gifts play a very important role, as their emotions and feelings are described with the help of gifts. You have to choose your gift for wife wisely as it’s a beautiful way to convey your sweetest message of love to your beloved wife.

Gift for wife

Gifts for Wife

Your dearest and lovable wife deserves the best gift this year. To show your obsession about her, you should treat her wonderfully. If you have done arrange marriage and you are going to propose your wife for the first time then greet her in your life with loads of love, care and amazing gifts. If you have limited money in your pocket and you passionately want to gift some special thing to her. Do not take tension; there are so many online gift portals where you get fabulous gifts at affordable price and from where you can buy attractive Gift online for your loved wife.

Below are some ultimate ideas of gift for wife that make her smile for a while:

 Bouquet with cake: If it’s your wife’s birthday then chocolate cake is the most romantic gift for her. Make your chocolaty love amazing and full of surprises with a beautiful and wonderful bouquet full of red roses. It’s the cutest way to express your gentle and deepest feelings to your adorable wife and make her happy for the whole day.

 Accessories: To gift a combination of beauty with love is the best gift for wife. Accessories are the best available option you have when it comes to impress your adorable wife. Accessories like earrings, neck piece and anklets are few examples which you can give to your beloved better half.

 Make-up kit: If your wife loves to do makeup then it’s the best gift you can present to your wife. If it’s your first date after marriage then gift a make-up kit to her. Your wife will surely appreciate this unique idea of gifting and she definitely feels and looks beautiful for you.

 Handbags: Ladies are more into fashion so gifting your wife a beautiful and fashionable handbag or clutches is not a bad idea. When your wife carries your gifted handbag just feel your happiness. You surely feel extra cheerfulness for that moment.

 Cushions: It’s the most attractive gift anyone can give to her wife on her special day. Cushions are the most used things in a house so gifting this is not at all a bad idea. Cushions should be cute and colorful that adds more colors and love in your love life.

If you are struggling in making your beautiful wife feel special and loved, these ideas will definitely work for you. This time wear your heart on your sleeves and express your inner feeling to your beloved wife. To buy Gift online, visit Giftalove, an online gift portal that avail best quality gift at reasonable price.

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