10 Things to do on this Raksha Bandhan to make your Little Brother feel Special!

The festival of Rakhi is only one month far and people can already hear the jovial bells of the most awaited festival of brother and sister in Hindu mythology named as ‘Raksha Bandhan’. Sisters on the one hand are busy in purchasing and sending Rakhi thread to adorn their brother’s wrist; all the brothers on the other hand are busy in selecting gifts for the one who always stands with him in every situation of life.

Silver Rakhi

There are many online sites through which one can easily find a wide variety of Rakhis and Rakhi gifts for their brothers and sisters. Nowadays, it is not that tough to send Rakhi to Bangalore ( ), Delhi, Kolkata and to any other part of India and even to any other corner of the World. Sending and receiving Rakhi and Rakhi gifts is a usual norm of this festival. Well, by breaking the norms, why not add some new twist in this festivity by making your brother feel happy who always try really hard to make this auspicious and wonderful day worth remembering for you by gifting something incredibly special. So, here are list of ten most ideal Rakhi gifts for brother that will make this Raksha Bandhan 2017 special for him:

1. Try to make his Favorite Dish

This idea is not difficult, when you are a good cook. Yes, undoubtedly you can plan a well organized lunch and dinner party for your foodie brother who not only wish the best for you, but also do anything to see you happy. He will definitely enjoy your dishes like anything else.

2. Divinnto the Mg deeper iemory Lanes!

For this, you have to arrange some naughty and cool photographs of you and your brother’s childhood and come up with a mesmerizing and eye-pleasing collage. This one can be the most pleasing and memorable Rakhi gifts for your brother who appreciate little things in their life.

3. Personalized T-Shirt

There are numerous of gift portals or websites that allow you to personalize ant t-shirt of your choice. Make it little funky so that he can wear it in normal days also. Choose a charming photo of him and paste it by text.

4. Buy a Bike

If you are sister who earn well and can sponsored a bike for your dearest brother, then gifting your brother’s favourite bike on this Raksha Bandhan is quite good idea to surprise him. In case you do not have large amount of money, you can opt it for the future instalment.

5. Play Station Visit with Little Brother

Let your little champ know that how much you love him and take care of his likes and dislikes. Nothing can make a kid happier than getting a play station through which he can play varieties of games. You can also go for CD of video game in case your pocket doesn’t allow this.

6. Plan an Adventurous Trip with Him

He will be totally amazed by your decision of planning something exciting like this on this Raksha Bandhan. Make a chart of your nearby destination and then decide where to go, a treck trip or any simple adventurous trip. No matter where you both are going, this idea will definitely strengthen your bond.

7. Gadgets are always Welcomed

On this Rakhi festival 2017, make your loving brother happy by gifting some useful gadgets to him like iPhones, iPods and many more. You can also buy gadgets on instalment and make it a convenience gifts to gift someone who love using new techno-friendly gadgets.

8. Spend Some Quality Time together

Arrange something on your terrace or room like a small dinner party or home theatre and let him decide the venue so that he will feel comfortable. Talk about your childhood memories and little secrets that are valuable and only shared between you two.

9. Give him Freedom for Shopping

Almost everyone love shopping, on this Rakhi festival, ask your brother to buy as many things as he wants like perfume, apparels, shoes and many more. Make sure that everything your brother purchase is branded so that he will use them for a long time.

10. Embellish your Lovely Bond

No any materialistic materials can ever dictate the amount of love you have for your brother. So, try to convey the same with the valuable and right words and tell him how much his love is valuable for him and he will always love to spend some time with you.

So, make this Raksha Bandhan a memorable event for your dear brother who will be eagerly waiting for your genuine love and care. To buy and send Rakhi and Rakhi gifts online anywhere in the world, kindly give a click on, a renowned portal for all types of Rakhis such as Silver Rakhi, Bracelet Rakhi, Kundan Rakhi and many more.

Here’s how you can make your Baby’s First Rakhi Special with these Perfect Celebration Ideas!

One of the most awaited festivals of Hindus is around the corner and all the siblings are super excited about this. As Rakhi arrives, people are busy in searching and sending gifts around world. Keeping this in mind, many online portals now provide the option of sending Rakhi to UK ( ), USA and many abroad countries that send your love to the siblings living in overseas.

Rakhi to UK

Every family has its own tradition to celebrate this festival and first Rakhi is always special. If it’s your baby first Rakhi, you should make it extra special by doing Rakhi shopping online that offers large variety of Rakhi and Rakhi gifts for your little champ. You should take the picture of whole celebration so that when your baby grows old he can refresh the memory of his first Rakhi. Below are the some ideas that will make your baby’s first Rakhi special:

Seeing the Festival through Baby’s Eyes can help you out

Babies might feel irritating and scared when the buzz around them gets too much high, as they don’t understand what’s going on. To prevent such of problems, arrange the celebration in low temperament that suits your baby’s age. Take things deliberately and make it simple but sweet. There’s always time for big celebration for your baby when he grows old.

Choose a Unique and Best Rakhi

You definitely want to make your baby’s first Rakhi special and memorable for you. Choose the best Rakhi for your baby according to his age. He might like Rakhi with cartoons and funny faces or he might find normal Rakhi fascinating like silver, pearl and Kundan Rakhi. Before selecting Rakhi, try to show all the selected Rakhis to your baby and check out his reaction or expression that surely give you some idea for the best suited Rakhi for your baby. You can simply personalize your baby Rakhi with small beads that are also safe for the baby’s skin. It’s the most unique way to excite your baby whenever he sees his wrist. Before tying Rakhi on your baby’s hand, make sure that the thread is strong so that the beads and feather do not come out, as it might cause a choking risk for the baby.

Make your own Tradition for the Celebration

You can invent the tradition to celebrate the Rakhi in a best and unique way so that your little ones do this every year on Rakhi. Arrange a whole family get-together or plan a visit to the orphanage and get your baby tie Rakhi from all the girls present at the orphanage or some ritual of planting trees. These are the simple and adorable way to make your baby’s Raksha Bandhan special.

Choose the Gifts according to the age of your Baby

Choosing an appropriate gift for your baby makes the occasion more special and overwhelming. Do not force upon the budget, as it is not necessary that high range gifts are more special for your baby. Sometimes, a low budget gifts give the utmost happiness to your baby. If your baby gets old enough to choose his own gift, go for it and buy his desired gift for Raksha Bandhan. But, if he is quite small, then choosing the gifts of your daughter’s and your choice is necessary. Some best choices are:

Toys (car, teddies)
Chocolates and Goodies
Gold jewelry

Frame the Memories for Future

After some age, your child definitely wants to remember all the best memory of his first Rakhi. For this, you have to do some personalized keepsakes to make the memories. Some ideas are:

Make a video
A hand-print of both the siblings
Make a photo collage
Design a personalized t-shirt for both the siblings.

These are the simple tips of making your baby’s Raksha Bandhan special and meaningful in all aspects. Celebrate this Rakhi festival in a most exceptional way for your baby. To buy the best Rakhi and Rakhi gifts, kindly visit a leading online Rakhi shopping website that offers the best collection of Rakhi for all types of brothers and also offers efficient services for Rakhi delivery worldwide and nationwide.

Surprise Your Brother in Canada with Online Rakhi

Rakhi is on 29th August, 2015. Many of you probably have already started making arrangements for this grand occasion. My brother who is 6 years elder to me lives in Canada and I do not have much arrangement to make. I send rakhi to Canada through as here I get a wide variety of rakhis and rakhi gifts to choose from. My brother is very fussy about the rakhi designs and does not like the very fancy ones. He would not wear it for even a minute, if he does not like the design. This is one of the best websites that offer numerous designs of rakhis to choose from. You are sure to get one that your brother would love.

RK168_CANNow coming to my brother! My brother is lovingly called ‘Sonu’ by all our family members. Though he is 28 now, he is still pampered at my house and he is the youngest family member. My brother and I share a very special kind of bond. We have never fought or quarrelled and we have always been best friends. We shared all our secrets with each other starting from our childhood crushes to more serious heartbreaks. I got married when my brother was 22 years and completing his B. Tech degree.

I was getting married to the man I love and I was happy about it but the thought of leaving my brother and shifting to another city (we lived in Delhi and my husband worked in Hyderabad) was heart wrenching. But it was inevitable and I also took a transfer to Hyderabad. My brother got a job in a good IT firm in Gurgaon and we both made it a point to meet thrice in a year at least. Two times would be on each other’s birthday. The 3rd day every time was Rakhi as we have always celebrated this day each year with a lot of vigour. I cannot think about spending this day without seeing my brother. I either made it a point that I go to Delhi or he comes to Hyderabad in each of these occasions. I did not want to send rakhi through post.

However, this year I would have to spend rakhi without seeing him. My brother was sent on an onsite project by his company 6 months ago to Toronto, Canada and he would be staying there for another 6 months or so. Birthdays are okay as I know that I can send gifts online. In fact, he sent me a lovely dress last month from Canada on my birthday. I was more concerned about sending rakhi to him and then I came across You can send rakhi all over the world through this site. You can also send rakhi with sweets, chocolates etc.

Thanks to, my brother would not have to spend this special occasion without a rakhi on this wrist. You can send to rakhi to Canada, UK, USA and other countries and also in other Indian cities. I will send rakhi with sweets as he missed Indian sweets the most there.

Rakhi Celebration Memories

soan-papadi_599Have you ever wondered what is so unique about Indian festivals?Is it the food, the colours, the lights and the celebrations? I think it’s much more than that. InIndia, festivals transcend the borders of religion and custom. Though this country is a melting pot of hundreds of castes and sub castes, yet the diversity binds us. That is what precisely the spirit of celebration is all about.

Raksh Bandhan is basically a Hindu festival that can be traced back to the epic of Mahabharata, almost 5000 years back, where a sister tied a colorfully decorated thread on her brother’swrist, seeking protection and wishing him a long and healthy life. The brother too promises to, take care of her and protect her during each phase of her life. The festival is basically a native of North India, but is celebrated all over the country nowadays.

Let me today tell you about my brother and how we started celebrating Raksha Bandhan. Biologically I and my sister do not have any brother. We were two sisters, who grew up with each other. We were bought up in Bangalore and so in spite of being Punjabi by birth, we did not have much enthusiasm about the festival since back then, it was not a grand event in Bangalore. We have a special pooja on that day, followed by a series on long phone calls from my maternal uncles and paternal aunties for my mom anddad respectively.

Six years back, on the day of Raksha Bandhan the picture changed completely. It was the eve before rakhi and everyone was busy buying rakhi gifts for their brothers ( To avoid the crowded streets, while returning from tuition, I and my sister took a rather deserted route to home. Half way through our journey, I started feeling uncomfortable, and felt someone following us. I glanced at my sister and saw an expression of fear on her face too. She signaled me to walk faster. As we started walking faster, the footsteps following us increased their speed. At one point, we started running and were soon surrounded by a group of 3 boys. Their faces were filled with lust and they passed very lewd comments at us. I didn’t know what to do and I started screaming for help. They tried to suffocate my voice. My sister tried to help me, but that was just not enough. Suddenly I found someone hitting them with a bicycle chain. That distracted them. They tried to resist, but the man proved to be too over bearing for the three of them and they fled in the darkness.

I hearda familiar voice and recognized the voice of our driver Rashid. He was passing by and heard my voice and sensed something was wrong. I still shudder in terror to think, what could have happened if Rashid bhai had not turned up on that day. I always felt bad because I had no one to Buy rakhi gifts for, but I never knew what gift God was planning to surprise me with. Since then Rashid bhai has been our brother. In fact on my sister’s wedding, he was the one who did the kanyadan. He still lives in Bangalore, with my parents and fulfills the duties of an ideal son. Every year I send rakhi to Bangalore and he stores them meticulously. I no longer worry about my parents for I know, as long as Rashid bhai is there, nothing can harm me or my family in any way.

7-Trendy Rakhi Gift Ideas for your Bro in Canada!!

DP775RK_USASend Rakhi Gifts to Canada for your dear brother, based in Canada. Online gifting industry offer Rakhi delivery in Canada, US, UK, Australia & India. People can send rakhi gifts in advance, same day & next day also. Those who are staying in overseas due to professional & personal reasons, often miss out the celebrating festivals with their dear ones. In this rakhi, Surprise your beloved brother by sending wonderful rakhi online & additional gifts.

Check out below some amazing additional gifts ideas that can be sent along with rakhi and delight your brother with joy.

1. Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headset is a perfect present for your corporate & super busy brother. He is staying overseas and speaks to the family after every hour. A modern gadget like this would really look trendy. This is a purposeful gift indeed.

2. Android or Windows Phone

Carrying an ordinary smart phone may not be as happening like an Android or Window phone. These phones come with a lot of modern functions & useful features. Moreover you latest gadget would go very well with his stylish personality.

3. Cool Shades

Another stylish gifting option for your fashion conscious brother is a cool eye wear. Boys are perpetually in love with cool shades. Thus this makes a wonderful rakhi gift for your bro. Consider his age, face cut and complexion before buying a suitable pair of sunglasses for him.

4. Wrist Watch

Who does not want to possess a designer time piece? After gadgets, boys are crazy about stunning watches. If you cannot afford to present “Rado” then a Titan or Timex classic would also make a nice gifting option. Let you brother have a opportunity to flaunt an enviable timepieces. Your brother is going to remember you with excitement every time, when he would look at the watch for checking time.

5. DSLR Camera

If your brother is a passionate shutterbug, but his student status is becoming as an obstacle between him and his dream of being a pro photographer then it’s your responsibility to fulfill his dream. Gift him a Sony or Nikon DSLR Camera in this Rakhi and make him become short of words to express his joy & gratitude.

6. Ultrabook

Ultrabook is the latest gadget in market. This is a Windows 8 based slick gadgets that not only looks cool but also make dizzy with their out of the world functions. Presenting an Ultrabook as Rakhi gifts to your brother is smarter, trendier and useful than anything else to your brother.

7. E-book Reader

If your brother is an avid book reader then an e-book reader like Kindle can actually enable him to read online books. In this way he can save a lot of money from buying books. Let your book worm brother download and read the latest online books.

So, there are some of the latest & trendy gifting choices. Log on to & Buy designer rakhi, delectable sweet hampers and many more gifts.

6 Popular Rakhi Gifts Deliverable to Australia!!

Your Australia based brother would be expecting a wonderful Rakhi gifts from you. Send Rakhi to Australia for your beloved brother and make this festival special for him as usual. Send online rakhi with impressive gift hamper for your brother. Every year he sends rakhi gifts for you. This year you can choose to present amazing rakhi gift for brother from online gifting portals.

rakhito-australiaHere are some of the great options:

  1. Trendy Apparels

Fashionable Apparels make wonderful as well as safe gift ideas( for brothers. Depending on his personality and style of dressing, you could choose from ethnic Indian wear to trendy western wear, from formals to informal and so on. Choose an outfit for your brother that is comfortable to him.

  1. Fashion Accessories

Like girls, boys are also fond of fashion accessories. Sunglasses or shades, wrist watches, bow-ties, brooches, leather belts, stone studded cufflinks are some Rakhi gifts that you could choose from. These trendy items can be teamed up as Rakhi presents with clothes or apparels.

  1. Music CDs/Movies DVDs

This would be an ideal rakhi present for your brother who is fond of music /movies. Get a collection of music CDs or DVDs of his favorite songs and pictures. He would appreciate this gift.

  1. Video games or games CDs

Video games or games CDs are a kind of gift that your brothers would love to receive. Before buying any gifts on Rakhi, it is important to research and explore what are the latest gaming consoles and video games available in the market.

  1. Books

Books are one of the common yet popular gifts of all times. This would be a nice gifting option for your avid book reader brother. Get his favorite novel or a series of novel by his favorite author. For your kid brother, get an encyclopedia in the rakhi.

  1. Sweet Delicacies

Popular Raksha Bandhan Gifts like Indian sweets, chocolates and dry fruits also makes good choices for Rakhi gifts.

Log on to for buying attractive Rakhi and amazing rakhi gifts for brother and sister. This website is offering free shipping of rakhi and gift hampers across India and overseas.

Rakhi Gifts for Brother from an Amazing Online Rakhi Store

Festivals celebrated in India are always special and bring the close ones still closer. One of my favorite festivals is the Raksha Bandhan festival.  This festival has always been very close to my heart since the time of my childhood. For about 23 years, I never missed a single year of Raksha Bandhan and always spent the special day with my brother. Getting pampered by him, receiving his blessings and a lot of gifts are an usual part of this special day. I am sure this is a part of every sister’s life that is amongst the cherished memories.

RKHGIFT188However since the time of my marriage, I have been settled in the US and this festival is something that I miss a lot. Even though we celebrate it here among a few Indian friends, I have always missed to be at home and spend it to my brother. I missed every part of this festival and that is when my husband suggested a brilliant idea to send Rakhi gifts to India online. Firstly I was confused as to how to begin with it. Among the numerous websites that have been already up to send Rakhi gifts for brother, I was actually puzzled which one to choose for.

After a lot of search, I chose and this is truly a wonderful online store for sending Rakhi gifts. You can check out for a lot of things here and the collection of the different types of Rakhis are truly amazing. Various types of Rakhis such as jewelled Rakhis, Kundan Rakhis, Zardosi Rakhis, Rudraksha Rakhis, handcrafted Rakhis and a lot more can be easily bought through this reputed online store. They have a huge collection and this is something wonderful about their store. You can definitely get to` choose the best for your brother.

Since the past two years I have been using their services to send Rakhi to my brother and they have never disappointed me. Even my brother has not missed me on this festival as the Rakhi that was sent was extremely special and he truly felt that I was around him. Even this year, I would be using their services to send Rakhi on the auspicious day and they have already stunned me with the brilliant collection of Rakhis. I am planning to order for set of 2 Rakhis ( for my bhaiya-bhabhi.

This online store is featured with user-friendly search options which ease the search for any buyer, enriching the online buying experience. They make sure to deliver the Rakhi or any rakhi gift on the auspicious day. Timely delivery, no damage to the product, superb packaging, easy order tracking and myriad of options- what more does a person want to make the festival a memorable one, while staying at distance. I have now suggested my cousins from various other countries to make use of this online store to send rakhis.