Impressing Your Loved One in an Expressive Way with Amazingly Beautiful Flowers!!

Flowers are always the ultimate present for your loved one. Gifting amazingly beautiful flowers is one of the perfect ways of impressing people around you. Flower being the symbol of love, clearly expresses the pure bond shared between two people. There are different occasion in which flowers are given to the people you love.

Actually occasion and festivals are not mandatory for gifting flowers; it’s a beautiful gift to express your kind love. You can give flowery present to your girlfriend/boyfriend, parents, brother/sister and friends as well. When it comes to your love partner, then gifting flower is the ultimate way to convey your passionate love. When it comes to give your love and respect to your parents, then also flower play a very significant role.


Flower with Chocolates

Despite of this, flowers also rule in decoration. Generally it is seen that flowers are used in almost every decoration. Flower decoration need not be only for occasions but a graceful flower vase on your dining table or study table can even adds more attractiveness to your home. It’s the best way to mend your broken relationship and add sweetness to it. A flower bouquet can do wonders to your relationship. If your beloved resides in Chennai and your relationship is going through hard times, hurry up send flower to Chennai and impress your sweetheart. In ancient times also, flowers were used by king and queen to express their love to each other. There are various types of flowers you can gift to your loved one, some of them are:

A flower basket

Now a day’s flower basket is in big trend. Make a blissful and fantastic love confession with a flower basket full of different color of carnation and roses and thank them for everything they have given you to make your life beautiful and full of passion. Flowers like Lilies, orchids, carnation and sunflowers are always incredible gifting options.

Heart shaped flowers arrangement

Heart shaped flower arrangement is one of the most endearing gift you can give to your lover or to any other relationships including your parents. Heart always shows the love, care and affection toward the one you love. Your loved one want only your love and attention, so by gifting heart-shape flower bouquet you convey your respect and care for the lovely people in your life.

A Flower bouquet

Bunches or you can say bouquet with proper arrangement of different kind of flower like orchids, gerbera daisies and roses are one of the best gifting options. Color combination should always be impressive and unique like red roses look beautiful with white carnations and eye-catching too. If we talk about bunches then yes definitely it’s a good idea to present the flowers with chocolate( ) for your loved one whom you adore or love. If we take an idea of combination of white and pink lilies then it’s also an option to bank upon for impressing your loved one.

Flowers give the quintessence of love, care and support. One red rose is enough to own up your love to your loved one. But it’s not a bad idea to gift bundle of flower to the people you love. To buy such amazing flowery present, check out Giftalove which is an online gift portal. Make your relationships as beautiful as a flower.


Drool Worthy Orchid Flowers that Make a Wonderful Surprise!

There can be many reasons for gifting orchid flowers to your loved ones. Owing to their copious variety characterized with different colors, hues and designs, bouquet of orchids make a perfect present for almost every special occasion. You can express your love and tenderness to someone who is special to you by gifting him/her the most suitable variant from the abundant assortment of colorful orchid flowers( ) that come in various patterns.

Be it anyone’s birthday, Mothers day, women’s day or an anniversary, orchids can make anyone mesmerized. Due to their diversified patterns, they never create a droning streak. Besides, every other variant of orchid flowers denote a significant meaning behind it.


If you are living in a busy metro city such as Delhi and you’ve already made up your mind to surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet of unique flowers, you must read about these exciting types of orchids that you can send conveniently by opting for Flower delivery in Delhi:

• Gift a Monkey’s face Orchid to a tiny-tot:

This orchid is found in South Eastern Ecuador and Peru. As its name suggests, it truly resembles the face of an ape. On blooming fully, its scent becomes as citrus as a ripe orange. Monkey’s face orchid is a gift which you can present to a tiny toddler on his birthday. This can really amuse him and can cater to his curiosity. It is important to note that this flower grows during limited span and is restricted to some parts of Eastern Ecuador and Peru. Thus it is advised that you place your order in advance to ensure timely delivery.

• Flying ducks Orchids wishing good luck:

Isn’t it really fascinating? This exceptional kind of orchid flowers resembles a duck in flight. Measuring about 50 cm in length, these small orchids are usually found in Southern and South East Australia. These flowers bloom from autumn to mid-winter have limited lifespan. So, it is ideal to gift them during occasion that generally falls in winter, such as Christmas, New Year or Thanksgiving. If you present a small bouquet of Flying ducks orchid flowers to your loved one, it will effectively convey your good luck wishes to them.

• Orchid with a hidden dove:

If you want to convey deep feeling of love to someone in a covert manner, perfect way to do so is to send a bunch of dove orchids. As the names implies, this snow-white flower gives the view of a small dove-shaped creature in its center. Being a native of Panama, this flower has fragrant and thick petals. This can be a nice gift for Valentine’s Day. These flowers are generally long lasting. So they can be easily delivered across vast regions.

• Gift a lady’s slipper in a bouquet:

Sounds weird? But that’s the beauty of this orchid. This bright toned orchid has pouches looking like a lady’s slipper that trap insects for pollination. An elegant lady’s slipper orchid can make for an ideal gift for Women’s Day.

These are stunning varieties of orchids that can truly make anyone surprise at your selection. If you want to gift these flowers to someone living in a city like Delhi, you can opt for Flower delivery in Delhi by visiting Giftalove. This online gifting portal ensures fast delivery of flowers, gifts and cakes across India and worldwide as well.

Gift the Right Flowers for Every Occasion

There is no particular time to gift flowers as these are the perfect gift items for all occasions. Flowers depict love and happiness in an unparalleled way. That is why gifting flowers can never go wrong. People who are in romantic relationships understand the importance of roses, but it’s not just roses you can gift. There is a wide variety of flowers you can choose from. Lilies, daffodils and iris are some of the most preferred romantic flowers for the occasions like Valentine’s Day. The best part is that you can order them online and save yourself from the hassle of visiting local markets.


What Are Flowers Meant For?

Flowers are simply meant for exhibiting love, affection and many other emotions like sympathy, concern, romance, friendship, gratitude and so on. There is a flower for every occasion and if you are a true flower lover, you would definitely know which flower is apt for which occasion. Based on your knowledge and preferences, it is possible to order flower bouquet online during any hour of the day.

Right Flower for Wedding:

Wedding is a special occasion for every couple and you can choose flowers to wish them luck. White roses can be chosen for wedding, while you can also add yellow flowers to the bouquet. Do you plan to send fresh flowers right to the venue? You may send flower gifts in Delhi or any other city by placing the order online and getting them delivered to the wedding venue.

Valentine’s Day:

The colour of love is red and so should be the colour of romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day. Your Valentine is the most special person in your life and it is great to charm him or her with something exotic and truly memorable. Red roses are indeed the inimitable choices in this direction. You may come across other red flowers online that are popular as Valentine gifts.

Wishing Good Health:

When you want to wish good health to someone, you can choose colourful bouquets. It can be roses or any other flower. Make the bouquet look as colourful as possible as that would bring smile on the face of the person concerned. Flowers have a feel-good factor and you can always use it to make someone feel better about his or her health.

Say Thanks With Flowers:

Gratitude is something that can add to the value of relationships. You can choose roses in any colour or orchids to express thankfulness.

Roses and other flowers are there for every occasion and you can order these online at any time. GiftaLove is always there to help you choose the right flower for every occasion. You can order flower bouquets, baskets and other arrangements online from our vast catalogue. Our gift specialists put in great efforts to select flowers matching different tastes and preferences. Even if you are located outside India, we are there to assist you in sending flowers and your wishes to your loved ones located in any part of the country.

Flowers Bunch – A Perfect Gift to Impress Her on a Valentine Date

Don’t you wish to impress your date on Valentine’s Day? To do so, you have to give her the perfect gift. When it comes to gifts, there are lots of options. However, the most popular one is presenting an attractive flower arrangement or elegant jewellery. But if you wish to make your beloved feel more special, put in a little bit more effort and plan a romantic date.


A Valentine’s Day gift does not necessarily have to be huge or expensive, it should be thoughtful. Beautiful flower basket arrangement and stuffed animals are the popular choice. Buying Valentine’s Day gifts have become very easy because of the online gifting sites. With the help of online flowers shopping, you can quickly select a beautiful boutique or arrangement without consuming a lot of time.

The first and foremost thing that you should consider is your partner’s preferences. Your gift choice needs to be based on your partner’s liking, so take your time to plan it well. Going this extra mile to impress your loved one will surely be appreciated. Always try to keep the surprise element present till the last moment for savouring beautiful memories on this special day with your partner.

Different Romantic Date Ideas:

•    Take your date to a nice restaurant which has a romantic ambience. Most impressive dates are built around the element of dinning.

•    You can also plan for a nice getaway from the city on this day. A beautiful evening together away from the humdrums and noise of the city can also be very romantic yet simple.

•    If your date is into movies and drama then you can easily plan to watch a movie together.

•    Take matter in your hands, prepare a meal by yourself and create a beautiful romantic environment with flowers and decorations. This romantic gesture will surely make your partner feel special.

•    It’s all about spending quality time with your loved one. So without doing anything fancy, you can just go for a long drive to spend some alone time and then can have a relaxing dinner.

•    For married couples, a weekend tour is the best Valentine gift that you can give to your partner. You can go to a nearby holiday spot for spending some quality time with your loved one.

Among other Valentines’ Day gift ideas, beautiful flower arrangement are the most common and preferred choice. Many women prefer the traditional gift of flowers on Valentine’s Day. The safest choice will be picking up classic roses, but there are also other interesting options like tulips, orchids, gardenias and much more. Online flowers shopping can make your task easy as you can browse through a lot of options at a time. At Gift A Love, a large variety of Valentine’s Day gifts are present which are both attractive and affordable. From beautiful flower basket arrangements to boxes of chocolates, you can select the one that meets your choice and fits your budget. This is a one stop destination for giving your date the perfect Valentine’s Day memory to cherish forever.

Choosing the Right Flowers This Valentine Can Do Wonders

Impress the love of your life or your valentine by giving right kind of flowers. We all know that the colour of flower for saying I love you is red. For friends, you can pick from white flowers or pink flowers. Yellow flowers also make women happy. But colourful roses are passé.

Heart Shaped online FlowersSomething different from the usual is always exciting. The new trend to set an impression on your gal is to present her a bouquet of wild flowers or may be a beautiful bunch of lilies mixed with ferns. You can try more combinations available on online sites as well as offline stores.

  • Many flower shops nowadays keep wildflower bouquets. They are beautiful yet not as pricey as the red roses.
  • You can show your sweet and caring side by gifting potted orchids or tulips. They look very cute but are high on maintenance.
  • For women who like the aroma of flowers, Stargazer lilies are a perfect choice. Choose these for a romantic evening while you head on for a date. Remember, these flowers leave behind a yellow stain on the thing that touches them. However, the amazing scent of these flowers sets a perfect mood for a romantic time together on Valentine’s Day.
  • You should avoid desert plants or cacti. We hope you don’t want verbal pricks in return of your lovely cactus.

Throughout the year, there are several occasions when you can gift flowers. Giving flowers without an occasion, further increases love between the couple. However, how can you miss flowers on the day of love – Valentine’s Day?

Giftalove offers a variety of flowers to your doorstep. A wide range of exclusive valentine flowers, rose day flowers and many more are available on the website. Usually, the flower prices become a thing of concern for many.

As soon as the Valentine season arrives, flower bouquet prices start sky-rocketing.You can simply buy the bunch of flowers and arrange them in such a way that they become very noticeable to her. She should feel you by the way you present the flowers. Whenever you order designer flower bouquet, little plant food is provided with it. You can arrange the flowers in a vase with water along with the provided plant food. Before putting the stem into the water, just cut them at an angle so that they soak more water and stay fresh for longer time. You can remove the wilted or withered petals to give a fresh look to the flowers.

Valentine flowers are especially available in combo offers at special prices where you can club them with gifts of your desire. Check Giftalove’s collection for wonderful and thoughtful options at for gifting your beloved along with romantic surprise of flowers.

Flowers are nature’s most beautiful gift to mankind! Be it for wedding flowers, anniversary flowers or New Year flowers, GiftaLove let’s their beauty add a touch of love to your relationship for every occasion.

4 Distinctive Choices for Mother’s Day Flowers!

Are you facing a problem in making a choice for the best Mother’s Day gift for your sweet and lovely momma? Well this might be a matter of confusion for many to figure out the perfect gift for momma. How about the idea of gifting Mother’s Day flowers to her? Since flowers are best to convey heartily feelings, thus it would be an affectionate gift to greet her with Mother’s Day wishes.

Every mother is likely to feel very special on the Mother’s Day. It is because Mother’s Day is the day dedicated to every mother for their immense efforts and pain in shaping the society. It is a mother who gives us birth and offers everyone with the most special gift that is life. So Mother’s Day celebration is marked as day to salute motherhood of every woman and her
immense efforts of being a mother.

Now with the approaching date of Mother’s Day, every one is obvious to feel excited about. No matter if you are not a mother; you must be feeling lots of excited for your loving mother, isn’t it? Here the excitement would be for bringing the best Mother’s Day gift for her. Now if you are one of those who is finished up with any idea regarding Mother’s Day gift then this is the time when you can think of gifting your mom a flowery surprise.

Yes of course flowers are excellent gift option for every occasion and celebration its not just because of its beauty but also because flowers are said to convey heartily feelings which makes it an affectionate gifting option. Thus on this Mother’s Day you can choose:

Pink Roses:

For your mom this Mother’s Day, gift a beautiful pink rose bunch that would definitely bring a beautiful smile on her face that is as beautiful as beautiful pink roses. It’s a well known fact that roses are considered as one of the most special and loving gifts. Thus gifting a bunch of pink roses with a greeting card would be great idea to let her feel happy and proud being a mother of you.

Pink RosesRed & Pink Carnations:

For your loving momma this is the time to gift something beautiful and elegant to her just like her. Well then with this thought it can be nothing much better to choose gifting your mom a beautiful bunch of red and pink carnations. After all the beauty of pink and red carnations are sure to attract her and make her special on getting beautiful flowers.

Red and pink carnationFascinating Tulips:

Be it any colored tulips you choose from white, pink, red, orange, purple or any other one, it is sure to impress your mom a lot. Tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers and gifting your mom something so beautiful would definitely make her feel special and loved.

TulipsBeautiful & Distinct Anthurium:

For your mom this time on Mother’s Day choose to gift this year a beautiful flowery surprise that has attractive anthurium flowers in it. Anthuriums are most distinctive flowers that known for their leaf like petals. On Mother’s Day something unique, beautiful and distinctive like this will always make her feel special on this Mother’s Day!

AnthuriumOther than this there are many other choices to make and offer a cheerful surprise to mom on this Mother’s Day. However to send Mothers Day flowers online, you can log on to that is now offering an exclusive array of online Mother’s Day flowers and Mother’s Day gifts at amazing price point. So hurry as Mother’s Day is approaching fast!