Be the Best Kisser You Can Be on Kiss Day

Kiss Day has emerged as one of the critical days in the Valentine’s Week over the years. It is the day that affords the opportunity to lovers to realize their love with the one expression that expresses it the best; kisses. If you haven’t kissed before, know this; a kiss can take your relationship to your next level. If you are friends and want to be lovers, a kiss can help you make that critical switch.


However, if you are not well prepared and if you don’t do it right, you might not see her face ever again. Here are a few tips than can guarantee you the success you need with your kisses on Kiss Day.

Brush and Rinse Your Mouth Thoroughly

It’s bad enough already if it’s your first time at kissing somebody. You’re already burdened by your inexperience as it is, and it can only get worse if you don’t pay any attention towards brushing and rinsing your mouth. And even if you are a good kisser, your girlfriend would always judge you for your breath primarily, and not for your technique. So give your mouth the treatment it deserves to eliminate any trace of bad breath. Brush well, and if you need to, use an antiseptic mouthwash to clear any doubts whatsoever.

Wait for the Right Moment

When you and your partner kiss for the first time, it’s all about the right moment, and you might have to wait for that moment. But the good thing is, patience rarely ever disappoints. And it’s much better than trying to force yourself on your partner and getting slapped in the process. Remember, you might feel like kissing her, but she might not feel like kissing you back. So you have to wait till the moment that she feels the way you do. It’s difficult to articulate what that moment feels like, but trust your gut instinct, and you would be able to figure it out just fine.

Give Her a Reason to Kiss You

You want to kiss her because you think she’s beautiful, and of course, you are in love. But what if she has no reason as such to kiss you back? So give her a reason by choosing some amazing gifts for Kiss Day from Giftalove. From chocolates to flowers to perfumes to handicrafts, Giftalove is the ideal online shopping hub when it comes to occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Giftalove also ensures speedy delivery and top-notch quality. So wait no more. Give your girl a reason to kiss you with online Valentine’s Day gifts( ) from Giftalove.

Be Aware of Your Environment

This tip comes in especially handy when you and your partner are up for some public display of affection (PDA). Unfortunately, PDA does not go down too well with most of the general population of conservative countries like India. In fact, there have been numerous reports of extreme rright-winggroups that have harassed couples for kissing and holding hands in public. You might be a loud advocate of showing your affections in public, but when a mob of 20 people turns up and threatens to turn your Kiss Day celebrations into something of a nightmare, there’s hardly anything you can do to save your partner, or yourself for that matter. Preferably, keep the kisses saved for somewhere private.


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