6 Heart winning Rakhi Gift Combos to enthrall ones beloved Brother

Sweets are the quintessential part of all the Indian festivals. Raksha Bandhan which celebrate the sweetest relations of all; the brother-sister bond is incomplete without sweets. Lets this festive occasion be one of the celebrations of Indian values we keep close to our hearts.

rakhi gift combo

Gift a piece of love; gift Rakhi with sweets on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. While there are thousands of sweets available, nothing can beat a Rakhi with chocolates, to the hearts that melts on the warmth of love and affection, like chocolates. Read below for some of the best combinations of sweetness and love available online!

Rakhi with sweets and loads of love:
Everyone have a childhood love, Sweets! Kids love sweets, don’t they? But some “grown-up” kids still craves for sweets, they will grab upon every possible opportunity to binge eat sweets. If that kid or grown up kid is ones brother or sister Rakshabandhan is the best time gift to them what they craves for, a nice combo of sweets with love of Rakhi.

Designer Rakhi with Kaju Katli:
Nothing can beat a Kaju Katli when it comes to pleasing ones taste buds. Share ones love and affection on this festive occasion with a lovely combo of Kaju Katli and Designer Rakhi. Love brings sweetness to heart. Let’s double it with this Rakhi with sweets combo.

Rakhi and Motichoor Laddu:
Of all the sweets available in the market Motichoor Laddu takes a special place, due to its cult following by those sweet loving brothers. It is part of our culture, cuisine and customs! And what else can be gifted ones loving brother than this mouth watering Indian sweet.

Rakhi with Chocolates:
This one is for those sweet-savvy brothers who never miss out on chocolates. Make him happy this Rakshabandhan with a combo of Rakhi with chocolates, to show him how much you care for his fantasy for chocolates.

Rakhi with Puja Thali:
The most traditional way to celebrate Rakshabandhan is going back to our roots. Simple yet pious; gift this Rakhi with Puja Thali to ones brother to show him how much one loves him. Sometimes best things in life are simple.

Rakhi with Greeting card:
Send a piece of your heart, jot down a poem on a Greetings card along with the Rakhi. This festival is about loving ones brother and telling him how much one misses him. Rakshabandhan is also an occasion to tighten our bond of love.

Rakhi with Personalized Mugs:
Rakshabandhan is about the bond of love between brothers and sisters. Make him happy with a designer Rakhi and a mug specially made for him, with old pics of that loving bro-sis; make him feel your love and a trip down memory lane. Because Rakshabandhan is also about remembering the past and living the present; for the future of those who filled your past with love and affection!

These are some ideas to sweeten this festive season. For more ideas for gifting ones love to beloved siblings and buying those lovely gifts online.


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