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Is your brother settled in Gujarat? If yes then you must be thinking of sending Rakhi to him on this upcoming festival. Raksha Bandhan is a very promising occasion where brother and sister display their upmost respect for the bond and relationship they shared with each other. On this day sister will tie Rakhi on her brother’s wrist as an expression of her love and respect and in return sister will receive gifts and love from their brother.

rakhi for brother

If you are searching for ideas as to what type and how to Send Rakhi to Gujarat for your brother who stays in Gujarat then your search is made easily reachable and accessible at Giftalove. This online portal has a wide range of Rakhi collections from where you can select and Buy Rakhi Online for your loving brother in Gujarat. The following are the 6 best ideas you may like to keep in mind while buying Rakhi for your brother:

Designer Rakhi :
Designer Rakhi is an upgraded and reformed version of traditional Rakhi. It has a very alluring appearance and it is peculiar in its style and design. This Rakhi is made in different shape and size and the style is very appealing because they are the work of designers. If you have a brother who is into designer’s products then sending a designer Rakhi will make him jovial.

Golden Rakhi:
Sending Golden Rakhi to your brother will surely take him by surprise on this upcoming Raksha Bandhan. Golden Rakhi looks very grand .It can create an impression of a thoughtful sister who can make her brother happy at all costs.

Handcrafted Rakhi:
Handcrafted Rakhi is well known for its uniqueness. This Rakhi is carefully and skilfully crafted out by hand and they are very rare in styles that make this Rakhi very special. It is mainly made from cotton and silk. It is also very attractive and hence sending handcrafted Rakhi will make your brother feel special on this auspicious occasion.

Traditional Rakhi:
If you want to bring back the memories of the old days then sending him a traditional Rakhi will be an outstanding idea. It is simple in appearance but hold a special place in the heart of many people because it brings to light the tradition and culture of the festival in a magnificent way.

Pearl Rakhi:
You can also send Rakhi made of pearl to your brother in Gujarat. It is a type of Rakhi that is adorned with white or off white pearl. While the compose feature of this Rakhi can adds tranquillity to your brother. If you have a brother who has stylish personality then this Rakhi will be the perfect pick for him on this special day.

Zardosi Rakhi:
Another type of Rakhi is the one made with a beautiful piece of zari. It is very famous and it is also one of the most trending Rakhi these days. It is very attractive and they are available in different designs and styles. Sending this Rakhi to your brother will give him a reason to be joyful.

You can explore the wide range of Rakhi collections and make your search easily reachable at Giftalove. This portal offers you varieties of Rakhis from where you can select, choose and buy for your brother.

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