Surprise Your Brother in Canada with Online Rakhi

Rakhi is on 29th August, 2015. Many of you probably have already started making arrangements for this grand occasion. My brother who is 6 years elder to me lives in Canada and I do not have much arrangement to make. I send rakhi to Canada through as here I get a wide variety of rakhis and rakhi gifts to choose from. My brother is very fussy about the rakhi designs and does not like the very fancy ones. He would not wear it for even a minute, if he does not like the design. This is one of the best websites that offer numerous designs of rakhis to choose from. You are sure to get one that your brother would love.

RK168_CANNow coming to my brother! My brother is lovingly called ‘Sonu’ by all our family members. Though he is 28 now, he is still pampered at my house and he is the youngest family member. My brother and I share a very special kind of bond. We have never fought or quarrelled and we have always been best friends. We shared all our secrets with each other starting from our childhood crushes to more serious heartbreaks. I got married when my brother was 22 years and completing his B. Tech degree.

I was getting married to the man I love and I was happy about it but the thought of leaving my brother and shifting to another city (we lived in Delhi and my husband worked in Hyderabad) was heart wrenching. But it was inevitable and I also took a transfer to Hyderabad. My brother got a job in a good IT firm in Gurgaon and we both made it a point to meet thrice in a year at least. Two times would be on each other’s birthday. The 3rd day every time was Rakhi as we have always celebrated this day each year with a lot of vigour. I cannot think about spending this day without seeing my brother. I either made it a point that I go to Delhi or he comes to Hyderabad in each of these occasions. I did not want to send rakhi through post.

However, this year I would have to spend rakhi without seeing him. My brother was sent on an onsite project by his company 6 months ago to Toronto, Canada and he would be staying there for another 6 months or so. Birthdays are okay as I know that I can send gifts online. In fact, he sent me a lovely dress last month from Canada on my birthday. I was more concerned about sending rakhi to him and then I came across You can send rakhi all over the world through this site. You can also send rakhi with sweets, chocolates etc.

Thanks to, my brother would not have to spend this special occasion without a rakhi on this wrist. You can send to rakhi to Canada, UK, USA and other countries and also in other Indian cities. I will send rakhi with sweets as he missed Indian sweets the most there.


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