Rakhi Celebration Memories

soan-papadi_599Have you ever wondered what is so unique about Indian festivals?Is it the food, the colours, the lights and the celebrations? I think it’s much more than that. InIndia, festivals transcend the borders of religion and custom. Though this country is a melting pot of hundreds of castes and sub castes, yet the diversity binds us. That is what precisely the spirit of celebration is all about.

Raksh Bandhan is basically a Hindu festival that can be traced back to the epic of Mahabharata, almost 5000 years back, where a sister tied a colorfully decorated thread on her brother’swrist, seeking protection and wishing him a long and healthy life. The brother too promises to, take care of her and protect her during each phase of her life. The festival is basically a native of North India, but is celebrated all over the country nowadays.

Let me today tell you about my brother and how we started celebrating Raksha Bandhan. Biologically I and my sister do not have any brother. We were two sisters, who grew up with each other. We were bought up in Bangalore and so in spite of being Punjabi by birth, we did not have much enthusiasm about the festival since back then, it was not a grand event in Bangalore. We have a special pooja on that day, followed by a series on long phone calls from my maternal uncles and paternal aunties for my mom anddad respectively.

Six years back, on the day of Raksha Bandhan the picture changed completely. It was the eve before rakhi and everyone was busy buying rakhi gifts for their brothers (rakhi.giftalove.com/rakhi-gifts-for-brother-47.html). To avoid the crowded streets, while returning from tuition, I and my sister took a rather deserted route to home. Half way through our journey, I started feeling uncomfortable, and felt someone following us. I glanced at my sister and saw an expression of fear on her face too. She signaled me to walk faster. As we started walking faster, the footsteps following us increased their speed. At one point, we started running and were soon surrounded by a group of 3 boys. Their faces were filled with lust and they passed very lewd comments at us. I didn’t know what to do and I started screaming for help. They tried to suffocate my voice. My sister tried to help me, but that was just not enough. Suddenly I found someone hitting them with a bicycle chain. That distracted them. They tried to resist, but the man proved to be too over bearing for the three of them and they fled in the darkness.

I hearda familiar voice and recognized the voice of our driver Rashid. He was passing by and heard my voice and sensed something was wrong. I still shudder in terror to think, what could have happened if Rashid bhai had not turned up on that day. I always felt bad because I had no one to Buy rakhi gifts for, but I never knew what gift God was planning to surprise me with. Since then Rashid bhai has been our brother. In fact on my sister’s wedding, he was the one who did the kanyadan. He still lives in Bangalore, with my parents and fulfills the duties of an ideal son. Every year I send rakhi to Bangalore and he stores them meticulously. I no longer worry about my parents for I know, as long as Rashid bhai is there, nothing can harm me or my family in any way.


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