5 Special Flower Bouquets for Friendship Day 2015!!

EXFD67Friendship day is approaching fast. This year it is falling on 2nd of August 2015. You must be looking for impressive friendship day flowers for your lovely friend. There are different kinds of Friendship blossoms and the most popular ones like yellow flowers for friendship day. Besides yellow blossoms, there are a number of other friendship day flowers options.

You can also send flowers online to your long distance friend and make him feel joyful. Flowers make beautiful and refreshing gifts. Here are some amazing floral gifts that can be sent to your best friend:

1.    African Violets Basket

Send an exclusive basket of fresh African violets in this Friendship Day. It would bring a cheerful smile on the face your buddy. A beautifully arranged bouquet of African violet floral will be a lovely reminder of your companionship and admiration for your loving friend.

2.    Hues of Mixed Blossoms

Present your friend mixed floral bouquet arrangement with hues of different shades of friendship you share with him. This arrangement of beautiful blooms can comprise of sunflowers, peach roses, tulips, daisies, white lilies, red roses and purple orchids. This will be the colourful friendship day gift for your friend.

3.    Yellow Roses

Yellow is an ideal color to uplift someone’s mood. Yellow roses appear bright and cheerful. It stands for cheerful bond of friendship, happiness and appreciation. It would be difficult to stay gloomy for your friend when he will receive cheerful yellow roses on this Friendship Day 2015.

4.    Long Lasting Tropical Flowers

This friendship day, you can send a beautiful tropical flower arrangement with exotic blossoms. These refreshing blossoms as a gift can add a lovely touch to your friendship bond. Tropical flowers are rare and not common and can seldom be found in floral shops. Moreover, tropical flowers last longer.

5.    Wild Flowers For your old friend

If your friend is fond of unconventional, wild and untamed things, then this would be an ideal friendship day bouquet for him. Wild flowers look lively and give us a feeling of close to nature. These flowers look aesthetically appealing and possess charming smell as well.

So, these are some of the fresh gift ideas as a friendship day present for your best pal. Log on to Gifatlove.com for buying attractive & fresh flowers for friendship day. This is a reputed e-store that also offers friendship bracelets, colourful bands, chocolates, teddy bear and personalized gifts.

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