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Rakhis for an average Bengali is not a very significant festival, as we are more interested in celebrating “bhai phota”, which has a very raw and very authentic Bengali flavour in it. For me, the scenario was different. In spite of not having any real sister, I was one of those few lucky people in this world, who never had to regret any occasion that, would otherwise make a single child sad.

As a kid I was bought up in the Bara Bazaar area of Kolkata, which was basically a non-Bengali area, where rakhi was a big festival. I still remember the excitement, the lights and decoration in the streets, days ahead of the actual festival. There used to be a competition among boys about how many Rakhis the boys got on that particular day. As we grew up, the irony of this competition dawned on us, yet I still love to receive those silken threads, that marked someone’s love and care for me. My job today demands me to stay away from the “city of joy”, but I always make sure I don’t miss to send a return gift on the occasion of rakhi to Kolkata in order to bring some happiness to the faces of my sisters, who never forgot me even for once, all throughout these years.


For the last couple of years has acted as a trusted friend of mine, helping me to choose the gifts that I could send to my sisters in Kolkata. The choices offered by the website were diverse and I always found something that appealed to their taste. For my elder sisters, I always chose a demure gift likean idol of Krishna or Ganesh or a pair of meenakari bangles in their favourite colours, which they loved ardently. For my younger siblings and my partners in crime, the options were more diverse. From handbags to make up kits and souvenirs, the options and the choices were multiple. Besides the regular gifts, I always made sure to send a bunch of flower and chocolate to my sisters. You will hardly ever find a woman, who did not love flowers and chocolates.

My celebration always started a week before the actual festivals, with the delivery boy from different courier companies calling me up, to know the exact location of my house. Parcels in all shapes and sizes were delivered to my door steps, containing a beautiful rakhi gift for their brother, with only one standard instruction that, I was not supposed to open them before the day of the festival.

On the day of rakhi, I practically had to set up a video conference with all my sisters, from different parts of the globe and open the parcels one by one. Some of the most amazing gifts like wallets, watches, beautifully scented candles is what I receive. Almost all of them used to send me sweets as they knew I had a sweet tooth. Needless to say, over the years, we brothers and sisters have started trusting Flowers, sweets or chocolates, whatever they deliver is always very fresh and had a quality that one can appreciate.

Rakhi was and will always be very close to my heart and thanks to websites like, who have not let distance come in between the bonding of a brother and a sister.


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