6 Most Popular Rakhis To Buy Online and Send Brothers Residing in US!

If your brother is residing far away in USA, then this time on Raksha Bandhan convey your love for him by sending online Rakhi to US from India. Not only would this be a great way of conveying your love to your brother but also offers great convenience in sending Rakhi without stepping out anywhere for it.

Relationship of brother and sister is always a most cheerful, loving and fun filled one. No matter how much they fight and argue with each other, another moment is their time for friendship and love. After all it’s the unconditional bond of love between brothers and sisters.

But anyhow if you are residing far away from your brother who is residing in USA then this is the time not to feel upset about and just keep on missing him rather this is the time to buy online Rakhi and further send Rakhi online to USA from India.

However if your worry is regarding the choices available online to buy and send Rakhi then this is the time to think again as the varieties of Rakhis online is much wider and unlimited then that available at nearby stores, for example you can choose buy:

Pearl RakhiPearl Rakhi :-

Talking about one of the most neautiful Rakhi thread pf these days then it is undoubtedly Pearl Rakhi. The intricate designs and beautiful patterns of pearl rakhi makes it one of the most preferred rakhi threads these days. In fact your brother is sure to love wearing and flaunting this Rakhi on his wrist.

Bracelet RakhiBracelet Rakhi :-

For your brother who loves to be in style always, it can be nothing much better then choosing a bracelet Rakhi for him. These days a vast variety of Bracelet Rakhi is available everywhere. It can be a beaded bracelet Rakhi, silver metal bracelet Rakhi and lot more. So choose the one that will perfectly match your brother’s style.

Designer RakhiDesigner Rakhi :-

Another much preferred variety of Rakhi is designer Rakhi. This kind of Rakhi is basically known for its beautiful intricate designer patterns. The designer Rakhis are also available in vast varierty of patterns, materials and designs to choose from. Also your dearest brother would love to wear as well as style this Rakhi among others.

Diamond RakhiDiamond Rakhi :-

For adding that dazzling effect on brother’s wrist, sisters can also make choice for the diamond Rakhi sets that is available in variety of patterns and designs. In fact diamond Rakhi is a beautiful Rakhi option to bring that dazzling smile on brother’s face on tying that dazzling or sparkling Rakhi.

Rudraksha RakhiRudraksha Rakhi:

In India, Rudraksh Rakhi is very commonly available everywhere. It is one of the sacred Rakhi threads that most of the sisters prefer tying on the wrist of their brother. Also these are now available in variety of lucrative and designer patter to choose from. Thus it’s an excellent Rakhi to choose and make brothers feel happy.

Kundan RakhiKundan Rakhi :-

To bring the dazzling effect of beautiful Kundan jewelries on your brother’s wrist, another very lucrative Rakhi option is this Kundan Rakhi. Now days in fact Kundan Rakhi is one of the most preferred choices of sisters. Moreover their availability in beautiful designer patterns make it one of the most beautiful Rakhi to choose.

These were just few names of some of the most popular Rakhi threads to choose this year. However to buy online Rakhi, you can log on to Rakhi.Giftalove, where you can explore an exquisite variety of beautifully crafted Rakhis as well as a range of Rakhi gifts 2018 to choose from.


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