Buy Refreshing Fragrances as Mother’s Day Gifts!!

Are you falling shortage of Mother’s day gift ideas? You may be thinking that she has got everything from your father. She has already received loads of flower bouquets, saris, accessories, precious jewelry from your father on her last birthday. So it’s time to think beyond of Mothers day flowers (, greeting cards, cakes & apparels. Try out a special yet extra ordinary gift for your mom on this Mother’s day.

How about presenting the best fragrance to your mom on this Mother’s day? Women love to smell fresh and amazing all the time. Before choosing a suitable perfume for her you need to know the basics. These days several kinds of scents are available in the market. You can also buy them form online store. Check out some of the types of fragrances below & get an idea which one would suit your mom’s personality.

perfume1.       Floral perfume

Floral perfumes are the most popular fragrance opted by women. Floral perfumes come with the scent of either one flower (rose, jasmine and lavender) or a bouquet of several combinations. Floral perfumes are indeed feminine and sweet smelling. If your mom is fond of fresh flower smell, then this is a nice option for her.

2.       Oriental perfume

Oriental scents tend to be slightly spicy, muskier and sometimes comes with richness of vanilla, clove or cinnamon essence. If your mom like to smell spicy & different than she would prefer this fragrance.

3.       Chypre perfume

Chypre is an exquisite range of perfume that is characterized by a natural smell of earth, sometimes woodsy scent, with blend of oak, citrus & refreshing moss. If your mother enjoys the smell of natural elements then gift her Chypre perfume.

4.       Oceanic perfume

As the name indicates that this exclusive flavour is influenced by the sea and evoke the freshness of sea breezes (sandy beach, salty air). Oceanic scents are also available with floral combos and blend of fruity fragrance etc. Get this perfume & gift the experience of being in the seaside to your mom.

5.       Wood Perfume

Pines, Cedar, Sandalwood are some of the kinds of flavour belong to this kind of perfume. They are typically smell life being in the forest. Musk note also belong to woody family.

6.       Green perfume

Green perfume gets the feeling of smelling like fresh cut grass, crushed twigs and other naturally fresh & cool scents. This kind of fragrance brings imagination of being in the green landscapes & open spaces.

7.       Fougere perfume

Fougere means fern in French, it is a quite strong fragrance & with lasting effects. They contain hints of oak, fresh herbs & oak.

So these are some of the popular choices of fragrances available in the online gifting portals. Log on to Giftalove & online Mothers day gifts. This is one of the authentic online gifting portals in India.  It is offering a wide range of gifting options like amazing flowers, delicious chocolates & cakes, fresh flower & fruit baskets and personalized gifts.

Here you can also search for spiritual gifts, lucky plants, items for home décor, artificial flowers & plants, potted plants & many more.


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