Top 6 Feng Shui Lucky Plants for Indoors!!

Human beings can derive amazing benefits from plants in numerous ways. All of us know that having diet rich in plant products like wholesome grains, green vegetables & fresh fruits makes our life healthier, longer & happier. However, there are many other wonderful ways plants can help us to lead a prosperous & peaceful lives.

There are host of amazing, affordable indoor plants considered as good luck plants. In Chinese language these special plants are termed as Feng Shui plants. They are known to have powerful effects in bringing wealth, luck, prosperity and good health etc.


With their growing popularity, nowadays online lucky plants( are also available in various online gift portals. Here are some of the popular indoor plants known to attract good fortune in our lives.

1. Feng Shui Money Tree/ Malabar Chestnut

Malabar chestnut plants are popularly called as Feng Shui money tree. This amazing money tree is possessed for securing luck and prosperity. This species of plant also produces flowers & edible nuts under the right humid conditions. Thus, even though it will never actually mint money, but certainly a useful tree that keeps on giving.

2. Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum, plant species is commonly known as Peace Lily. As the name implies, this plant is believed to bring strong and peaceful energy. This dark green plant with bright white flowers improve the indoor air quality, helps to prevent asthma, headaches, chronic illness and cancers. The Peace Lily gives all these benefits by simply being placed at our home. It can detox air containing toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. It cleanses the indoor air from cigarette smoke, paint and furniture fumes and many other household obnoxious gases.

3. English Ivy

Ivy is a common indoor plant. They are quite hardy, often used in public places as well. They are easy to grow & pretty adaptable except in high temperature. Surroundings with artificially warmed, heated, or dry air are not favorable for their survival. The trick to grow healthy ivy is to provide moist air or humid conditions and cool nights. They are known to purify air containing formaldehyde.

4. Jasmine

Charming Jasmine suitably attracts love and money at dwelling place. It stimulates prophetic dreams. The fragrances of Jasmine flowers are one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs in nature. Thus couples those want to keep the romance alive or planning to extend their family should keep this useful plant in their indoors. Besides aphrodisiac benefits, jasmine flower blooms at night & cool the homely warm environment.

5. Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa, is botanically known as the lady palm plant. This is a small fan palm that can do well inside under the right conditions. It has multiple stems, each topped with upright fronds. As it further grows the fronds get split into fan-like segments. In some places lady palm, is also called as bamboo palm or miniature fan palm. It is best suited to purify indoor pollutants & improve the indoor air quality. These plants are easy to maintain & care.

6. Boston Fern

Boston fern are relatively tough & hardy ferns. They display higher tolerance for light than other species of fern. They are quite attractive as indoor plants, with long, graceful fronds adorned with tiny leaves. These fern are also quite tolerant of dry conditions and easy to propagate. These ferns can be placed anywhere in the room or office either as hanging baskets, or lush plant specimen on the windowsill. They purify office or home atmosphere by absorbing smoke & toxic gases.

So these are some of the useful species of good luck plants. For searching more varieties of lucky plants log on to Giftalove.

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