Happy Gifting this Holi!!!

Before dishing out some quirky Holi gifts this season, let me tell you one thing that’s really important. You know what we should give gifts as we would receive, gladly, quickly and with no hesitation!

Holi- the festival of colours is an epitome of showing thankfulness to the ones who mean a lot and who make our life colourful with their presence. Relish into the remarkable festival of Holi with your dear ones and trade glorious blessings as token of affection despite small tokens of love given to them. But, have you ever wondered how to choose best gifts for holi that create lasting memories? No matter how beautiful or luxurious gifts one may have chose, he/she never gets out of doubt whether the gift is worthy or not. If it’s the same condition with you, let’s take a check on below given ideas that will surely live up to the mark.

A tray full of colours: Want to stick to your budget? Have no heavy income to spend on luxurious gifts? Worry not as it’s the thought that counts not the price tag hanging down from a gift! Take some packs of colours and gulal, make sure they are herbal or eco-friendly as harsh colours may have harmful effects on the skin, and arrange them on a tray. Wrap the tray with a dazzling, shimmering paper to give it a festive look and here your gift is ready!

holi_colours_2015A drooling combination of sweets & chocolates: Who can resist sweet treats on an occasion like holi? Of course no one! Now it’s time to let your loved ones relish some of the best yet delicious traditional Indian sweets with modern confectionery items like chocolates. I bet your loved ones won’t stop appreciating this gift! And you know what, this gift will go making kid, young and old go gaga alike!

sweets_with_chocolateDry fruits: Holi is perhaps the best occasion to have some delicious treats around and when it comes to savor something crispy, crunchy and healthy at the same time, nothing can beat the flavors of dry fruits. Get cans, baskets, trays and boxes of dryfruits packed beautifully to surprise your loved ones with a healthy treat. You can either choose assorted dry fruits or go with only cashews, raisins, nuts or pistachios to stun your loved ones with.

dryfruits_for_holiHope you liked these cost-effective gift ideas for Holi which are not just quirky but safe too to retain the charm of this festival!


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