Choose suitable color to depict your love with roses!

You wanted to tell her, “thank you”, instead you said, “I’m in love with you!” Yupp sending flowers for Valentine’s Day simply means you are honoring the tried and tested tradition of conveying love the way it should be. But, did you know sending roses of certain colors may say more than you imagined?

Sending flowers on Valentine’s Day( is undoubtedly the most classic idea which has been implemented by romantics all around the world to win some brownie points. You are not alone, but make sure the color of the roses you choose matches your true feelings.


Red roses are the classical way of saying “I Love You”, and are, hence the most famed blooms t be sent on Valentine’s Day. But, ditch the cliched idea and think beyond red roses in 2015. Valentine’s Day is when celebration of romance seems no bound, of course, but in the life of people we love, there is often much more to bask in. Luckily, for every feeling there is a color of rose.

Red Rose:” I love you”

Ummm, there is nothing around that screams “I Love You” more than red roses. Red stands for romance, passion, beauty, courage, and sometimes congratulations.

VLEXDFNP58White Rose: “I am the one for you”

While many people opt for the color red to pour their heart out, why don’t you choose to go with white roses that stand for chastity, humility, reverence and true love, youthfulness and charm?

VLEXDFNP35Pink Rose: Thank you”

Perfect for a friend that you want to adulate on Valentine’s Day, pink roses show appreciation, grace, perfect happiness, admiration, gracefulness, and gentleness.

VLEXDFNP97Likewise there are yellow roses and many more that show up the true colors of your feelings.

So pick the color that you think is gonna paint your loved one’s life with love this Valentine!


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