5 Must Buying Flowers for Valentine’s Day Other Than Roses!

It’s not necessary that roses will always make a part of Valentine’s Day flowers. I know you guys must be making sound “WHATTTT”. But, yeah, have you ever thought out-of-the-roses, instead out-of-the-box? I bet you wouldn’t! Roses are of course, the official flowers for Valentine; however there are many others that furnish the romantic moods even better.

Don’t know which flowers are they? Here I’m going to get you a list of five trendiest flowers that are not roses for Valentine’s Day.

Lily: Lily is a classic giveaway yet favorite too. Their size can double that of exotic roses and they can be found in exotic colors. Their immaculate appearance is just impossible not to fall for this bloom. Send bright red lilies to your love or choose something white or pink to let her drool over it. You just cannot go wrong with selection of lilies on Valentine’s Day.


Calla: The calla lily that we have been familiar with actually isn’t a lily at all, but Zantedeschia ethiopia. Among flower lovers, these immaculate flutes have created a stir. They look just amazing in Valentine’s Day flower arrangements. The flower comes in a palette of colors including deep burgundies and purples.


Tulip: The modishness of tulip is indubitable. The perfect champagne glass-like structure of this bloom reflects romance. The meaning of the flower is about love. Red tulip stands for declaration of love and yellow signifies hopelessly in love. What else you need to say? Tulips can be found in a number of shapes as well as colors and their stems are unique in the way that they can be bent and twisted in so many ways! This gives many more artistic options.

hk,iljCarnations: In couple of years, carnations have made a smashing hit comeback. With bright new colors and styles, there is much to choose from. The long lasting abilities make it one of the choicest flowers for Valentine’s Day. There are different colors, sizes and styles.

ghklgilAlstroemeria: This beautiful bloom resembles a lily coupled with a gladiolus. The big dazzling blooms of the flower come in many stunning colors which florists use in a number of ways. They look stunning in both traditional and garden-style designs.


No matter which trendy flower you choose for your Valentine, make sure you order them from a renowned yet reliable florist to shun post delivery blues.


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