4 Homemade Xmas Gifts your Boyfriend would find Truly Irresistible!

Bored of the same clichéd gifts you use to give your boyfriend during Xmas? Then, it’s the perfect time to try some homemade Xmas gifts for him.

Why stick to the cliched gifts when there are many affordable options available for you! Unlike the souvenirs, you buy from the same old shop which are pretty predictable, the gifts that I’m gonna introduce you with are out-of-the-box, which your boyfriend would be expecting something like that.  Why they are so special? Because, you are going to put your efforts, thoughts, your hard work in it which the person on other hand will surely love. But, I’m totally concerned of if you can’t think of gift ideas. That’s why I have listed below a few suggestions regarding Christmas gifts for him. Take a look……

Best homemade gift ideas for Xmas

Memory Jar: This has to stand out among all the customized gifts. Buy a glass jar & fill it with tiny memory chits. Don’t you know what memory chits are? Well, they are the funny, emotional yet sad incidents which you both witnessed together all through the span of your life or just yours or his. You could tap into it the themes such as “the first time you both met”, “his first kiss to you”, “his first day at college” and so on, you can make it more special by asking his acquaintances or friends to write a chit about the special memory they have for him.
fhnjfyBake and Make your relationship: That may sound a little bizarre, but yeah greater meaning hidden behind! Which way is to a man’s heart? Stomach, of course! So, get this idea into use and bake a dessert or a delicious dish picking out from his favorite cuisines. A cake in Xmas is something that everybody would like to relish, so you can get into your man’s heart through this delicious treat too. Make it a really festive by baking a huge red heart-shaped cake with message like “I Love You” or something which will attract him. Every time he takes a bite, he’ll surely remember you. Isn’t it nice, haan?
SWEETBITECAKE45_DVT-shirt Graffiti: Through this you can express romantic, funny, naughty or any other emotion you want to express to. All you need to do is to take a new white/black t-shirt and stuff on it graffiti of all types. Go crazy with love quotes, funny quotes, or stick figures that he loves the most. This makes one of the best Xmas gifts, don’t you think?
vjvyjilPhoto Frames: Collect all his childhood pictures or snaps that you can get your hands on. Arrange them in a personalised photo frame making a large collage. Don’t forget to arrange in it the snaps of you both two and give it to him. Really, he would feel lucky to get a girlfriend like you. Say cheese!
So, girls, chin up and add spark to your love this Christmas with above cool gift ideas for your guy!


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