6 Shot Sure Gifts to Celebrate Bhai Dooj Tikka Ceremony

With men becoming more conscious regarding their looks and style at present era, choosing ideal Bhai Dooj tikka or gift for them isn’t a cup of coffee. Every year when this celebration gets around you feel under pressure as what to choose for your brother, isn’t it? Well, with a little thought, advance planning, and budgetary limits in mind, you could solve the problem in and effective yet winsome manner.

bhai dooj tikkaTo help you pick the mind-blowing yet excellent bhai dooj gifts, here are my suggestions, just take a sneak peek….

Bhai Dooj Puja Thali Hampers: A thali well-adorned adds to the auspiciousness of the festive ceremonies and is a wonderful gift. You may like to team a thali with scrumptious treats, gifts and goodies. If yes, choose puja thali hampers instead simple bhai dooj thali (http://bhaidooj.giftalove.com/bhai-dooj-puja-thalis-270.html).

bhai dooj pooja thaliWrist Watches: Though being cliched, watches are excellent yet classical gifts. As having a style-minded brother, I don’t think you would go wrong with this classical gift. Just choose a watch as per your brother’s personality like if he is a sportsman, choose sporty watches, for a professional choose formal watch and for a teen brother choose a smart watch. There is no dearth of choices, just use a little thought before choosing any watch.

Shirts: Shirts are evergreen bhai dooj gifts for brother. Choose a chic yet stylish shirt that matches your brother’s personality and team it up with delicacies like sweets, chocolates or cakes to make a complete hamper.

shirtDry fruit Hamper: I don’t think there would be any celebration that doesn’t include munching dry fruits. As dry fruits make a traditional but healthy gift, why not consider them for bhai dooj? Send your brother a box or basket full of assorted dryfruits as a token of love.

BDGIFTS3746 Chocolates/ Sweets Hamper: What is a sure shot way to win over a brother’s heart? Of course chocolates and sweets! If your bro has got sweet tooth, there are palatable treats to cater to his cravings! Choose a delightful chocolate or sweet hamper as gift for your brother on bhai dooj and win his appreciation.

GWD3387Gifts for Bhaiya Bhabhi: If your brother is married, send him bhai dooj gift that includes goodies for both brother and bhabhi. There are varieties of twin-gift sets for both bhaiya and bhabhi for this auspicious occasion. Just keep their preferences in mind to pick a gift of their choice.

bhaiyabhabhi giftsSo, ladies, did you find gift of your choice for bhai dooj? I hope I would have. So, get it wrapped quickly without wasting time!


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