Complete the Auspicious Festival with Special Bhai Dooj Gifts

Bhai Dooj is about to come! This important event marks the end of five day Diwali celebrations. As a sister you must be looking forward for the day with lot of joy and enthusiasm. You must be preparing for the merriment a week before in order to surprise your beloved brother and make him feel special and adorable. Celebrated by different n several parts of the country, the festival signifies the never-ending bond of love between both brothers and sisters and hence celebrated with immense grandeur and fervor.

Legend has it that Yamaraj; the Lord of death comes to her sister’s house, Yami. She welcomed her brother happily by putting a pious mark on his forehead or his wellbeing. He was highly contented and stated that every year on the day of Dooj, if a sister celebrates the event with tradition and rituals then her brother would protected from all dangers of life. The tilak portrays the love and affection of the sister and is further meant to keep him away from misfortune and evil. The brother also vows to take care of his sister from lifelong worries and fears.

The joy of the festivity cannot be completed without exchanging gifts among each other. There are gifts for both the siblings and they are meant to bring smile on each other’s face. Choose the online method and send Bhai Dooj gifts to UK or other destinations and enjoy a hassle free journey.

Bhai Dooj Gifts for Brothers

A Trendy Wallet: Brothers are lazy. They are least bothered of their wallets. So, this Bhai Dooj, gift him a wallet this gift is truly going to be appreciated. Get a trendy wallet and surprise him on the important day.

Gadgets: Boys love gadgets. They are always looking for latest innovations coming up in the market. This year, buy him a brand new electronic gadget and get ready to surprise him. The options are endless. You can gift a small digital camera, tablet or a smart phone.

Bhai Dooj Gifts for Sisters


Trendy Wristwatch: If your sister is a Fashionista then a wristwatch would be loved by her on all occasions. A snazzy neon colored watch is best to gift as it is high in trend. Also you can gift a delicate pearl colored strap watch that would perfectly adorn her traditional side. Whatever might be your choice, either way she would sing your praises.

Accessories: If she is fond of accessories then this is the perfect time to surprise her. The market is full of varieties and you are free to choose any of the item. The bountiful of varieties include a nose pin, a necklace, earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendant and more alike. If you wish to gift something expensive then diamonds are best. Light your pocket and double the happiness of your sister.

So, choose the best one and send Bhai Dooj gifts and bring joy on each other’s face.


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