4 All-time Favorite Bhai Dooj Gifts to Send to India

If you are quite sad being miles away from your brother, be not. Get prepared to add glitters of happiness in your brother’s eyes this Bhai Dooj, by sending Bhai Dooj gifts to India!

Bhai Dooj or Bhai Potha called in some other parts of India, is a festival that is observed on the fifth day of Deepawali in India. On this very day sisters put tikka on their brothers’ forehead and seek blessings from God to protect their brothers from odds of life showering him with longevity, prosperity and success. Also, as part of the tradition brothers and sisters add to each other’s festivity by bestowing gifts.

As the festival is just a few weeks away, you might be searching for some out-of-the-box Bhai dooj gifts for brother, isn’t it? Though there is no dearth of gifts for brother on Bhai Dooj, but picking some out-of-the-box isn’t a cup of coffee too.

Here the experts of bhaidooj.giftalove.com have cherry-picked some quirky gifts which you can send as Bhai Dooj gifts to India. Let’s take a look……

Pen Set: Well, it sounds clichéd, but this gift is really a fad among college or school goers. If your brother is a writer or is pursuing his academics, bestow him with pen sets of renowned brands like Parker or others. An engraved pen set with his initials would also make a great gift for Bhai Dooj.

io0i9mipoSpinning Photo-Frame Cube: What could be better than the treasure-trove of memories conglomerated at one place? Let memories get alive by putting the pictures of your brother’s childhood onto a spinning photo frame cube. Besides being quirky, this gift for brother will take him to the memory lane. There are varieties of photo cubes available today from which you can choose the one that matches your tastes!

gbdgdfb vGift Hamper: Send bhai Dooj gifts to India in terms of a gift hamper so as to match your brother’s tastes! Sometimes, we get clueless about the tastes of our loved ones and couldn’t decide which gift to choose. Well, in that case gift hampers are best. Packed with assorted pleasantries, souvenirs, they offer excellent gifting choices.

gift hamperGrooming Products: Unlike, the men of yesteryears, men of todays have become more conscious regarding their persona. They have even started grooming products to look more dashing no matter wherever they go! Send your brother a box full of men’s grooming product as Bhai Dooj gifts so that he may groom himself to look even more handsome than he is!

grkjpoigmConsider above gift suggestions to find something that may match your brother’s tastes well!


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