Send Diwali Gifts to India taking Inspiration from these 5 Most Popular Gifts

Are you preparing for the upcoming festive season? Have you planned out what to send this Diwali to your loved ones in India? If not stay tuned and keep reading this blog to get over your confusions or perplexity while buying Diwali gifts online!

Below listed are some ideas which you can use to send diwali gifts to India so as to make your loved ones go gaga.

Gift Hampers: Traditionally, gift hampers for Dwali include edible items like dry fruits and sweets. But now they include cookies, decorative candles, chocolates, and many other goodies that one may think of. If you’re unsure of your recipient’s choices, a gift hamper would be the best bet as Diwali gift.


Diwali Diyas

Spiritual Souvenirs: On Deepawali it’s a religious custom or you can say an ancient tradition to worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. They are personification of prosperity. Many people believe that bestowing loved ones with spiritual idols or gifts brings affluence and prosperity in receiver’s life. If you want your loved ones to be happy and affluent always send them religious gifts on Diwali. You may choose from Lakshmi Ganesh idols, coins, even feng shui gifts, and many more.

Decorative Souvenirs: On this special day is it said to be auspicious to illuminate each corner of the home since light wards off darkness. Therefore, giving designer candles, earthen lams, tea lights, scented candles, candle stand, etc. are excellent gift options for Diwali 2014.

Silver Coins or Decorative: On Diwali silver metal is believed to be the most auspicious metal. It is said that buying coins or decorative pieces made of silver is lucky for home. You can even buy Lakshmi Ganesh idols made from silver or can opt for other items like jewellery or candles stands.

Apparel and Accessories: Just as the celebration of Diwali is incomplete without lights, gifting on this day is incomplete without apparels and accessories. Everyone loves to accessorize himself/herself or put on new clothes to exemplify their festive moods. Why not let your loved ones get new clothes and accessories as gifts on this Diwali? Send apparels and accessories like sarees, kurta payjama, suits, sunglasses, cufflinks, perfume, handbags, wallets, etc. on this very day as traditional but excellent gift choices!

The festival of lights is a five-day celebration that marks the start of the new lunar year as per Hindu calendar. Besides that, the festival stands for the victory of good over evil. What young, what old, everyone celebrates this festival with great fanfare and gaiety.


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